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The Vienna Special Editions represent our entry-level orchestra packages, offering a cross-section of our entire 2 million sample archive. They cover the full orchestra and more in resource-saving, affordable packages and are available in four BUNDLES, six VOLUMES and 14 individual instrument SECTIONS (Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion & More, Keyboards & Guitars) that may be purchased separately.

With various upgrade paths you may expand your instruments and articulations step-by-step at any time, according to your needs and your budget.


The big Vienna Instruments Collections are available individually or in special priced bundles in the categories of Strings, Winds, Percussion & Keyboards, and Voices.

The complete range of products is included in the Vienna Super Package.

Most of the Vienna Instruments Collections are available as Standard Libraries and Extended Libraries, the latter usually include additional articulations for the instruments of the corresponding Standard Libraries.


All instruments of the categories Woodwinds, Brass and Harps as well as selected instruments of Percussion & Keyboards that are included in the big Vienna Instruments Collections are also available individually as Single Instruments.

The Standard Library of a Single Instrument offers slightly more articulations than the same instrument included in the Vienna Special Editions. By adding the corresponding Extended Library, all Single Instruments become full-fledged Vienna Instruments, offering the complete samples and articulations on par with the ones of the big Vienna Instruments Collections. Upgrade paths are available.

Purchasing any Vienna Instruments Collection, Single Instrument or one of our Vienna Special Editions entitles you to download the free Vienna Instruments software player that includes the Vienna Ensemble mixing and host software (AU/VST/AAX Native/RTAS plug-in or stand-alone). SOFTWARE PRODUCTS include Vienna Suite, Vienna Instruments PRO, Vienna MIR PRO and Vienna Ensemble PRO 5.
To learn more about our products please click on the respective product category in the overview image!

All products (excluding the ViennaKey*) are instantly available for download, provided you have Internet access and a credit card. As an additional option to downloading, you may order the Vienna Instruments Collections on the Vienna Hard Drive and both the Vienna Special Editions and the Software Products on a USB flash drive at a nominal fee.

* A Vienna Key (or any other eLicenser USB protection device, e.g., from Steinberg or Arturia) is required in order to install a Vienna Symphonic Library product to the location of your choice.