Bass clarinet

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The bass clarinet has been used to provide the bass voice in the orchestral woodwind section since the middle of the 19th century, a role it shares with the bassoon. The bass clarinet is appreciated for its expressive timbre, which is often poetically described as “dark velvet”. Generally one bass clarinet is used in the orchestra. The bass clarinet is not only an established member of the full orchestra but also of clarinet orchestras and military bands. In addition, it is now also found in chamber music ensembles.

The Standard Library of the Download Instrument contains all of the Bass clarinet samples of the Vienna Special Edition Vol. 1 and of the Special Edition Vol. 1 PLUS as well as some additional articulations. The Full Library offers the complete articulations on par with the ones of the big Collection Woodwinds II. Please find a detailed list of included playing techniques under the menu item Sample Content.

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