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Vienna Instruments Pro
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NEW: Remote App for Tablet PCs

Vienna Instruments PRO now comes with a free Remote App for both iOS (5.1 or later) and Android (4.0 or later) tablet PCs. Use your tablet as a convenient external MIDI controller when recording in your sequencer, sending key switches and controller data for the selected Vienna Instruments PRO instance. Articulation switches and fader movements (such as Master Volume, Velocity Crossfade, Expression, Tuning, etc.) can be controlled and recorded instantly in real-time, and even multiple faders can be moved simultaneously.
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Matrix View (click to enlarge)



Sequencer View (click to enlarge)


  • Real-time wireless touch-pad remote control for Vienna Instruments PRO.
  • Control your Vienna Instruments PRO instances on multiple computers from one tablet.
  • Replaces MIDI slider boxes and complex key-switch setups.
  • Elegant screen real estate control, using your tablet’s browser – no download from app stores!
  • Embedded MIDI driver in your DAW for synchronized interaction.
  • Automatic Activation Mode: Automatically display on your tablet the Vienna Instruments PRO instance that is being performed via MIDI.
  • Unleash the power of Vienna Instruments PRO’s internal APP Sequencer with great sequencer control options (available when APP Sequencer is activated in a Vienna Instruments PRO instance).

System Requirements: