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Herb Tucmandl & Guido Mancusi
Herb Tucmandl, founder and CEO of the Vienna Symphonic Library, presents the early film scores of his former fellow student Guido Mancusi. All tracks were recorded with Vienna Instruments and mixed with Vienna MIR PRO.

William Kersten: Chivalry
William Kersten's latest œuvre deserves a special focus. “Chivalry – A Symphonic Fantasy” includes 14 pieces for large-scale orchestra and choir that have been recorded with the complete range of Vienna Instruments and mixed with Vienna MIR PRO.

Virtual Jazz Lessons with Roger Friedman
Being a professional jazz pianist for more than 30 years, Roger Friedman imparts his knowledge and experience in online video tutorials. Some tracks on his YouTube-Channel “Lot2Learn” are featuring the Vienna Imperial.

“Hollywood in Vienna”: Vienna Film Music Award 2009
All three composers who were nominated for the Vienna Film Music Award 2009 turned out to be users of the Vienna Symphonic Library.

PlayAlong-CDs by Beat Kaufmann
Musicians can now play live to classical orchestral pieces at home thanks to Beat Kaufmann’s PlayAlong CDs that the Swiss musician and composer has produced using the Vienna Instruments.

The Fauxharmonic Orchestra
Paul Henry Smith conducts the first-ever live performance of a Beethoven symphony using Wii remote controllers and Vienna Instruments.

The Guy Bacos Project
Guy Bacos, well known to the visitors of our Demo Zone, is one of our most inspired, creative and hard-working demo composers. His high-quality work will demonstrate the potential of our products.

The Lord of the Rings
Performed by an ensemble of 15 live musicians and 3 keyboardists who trigger the Vienna Symphonic Library PRO EDITION sample sets off of G5 computers running Logic.

Hans Gál
London-based cellist and record producer Simon Fox brought the compositions of his grandfather Hans Gál back to life, using the Vienna Symphonic Library.

Paul Haslinger produced the Score for the Vampire-Werewolf thriller. Dark Sounds created with Vienna’s Pro Edition.