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Surround Pan

Full ITU Surround Support

Vienna Ensemble PRO 5 offers full surround support according to ITU standards (up to 7.1) and comes with new Surround Pan/Balance plug-ins for surround-to-surround balancing and mono/stereo-to-surround.

MIR PRO Integration

Full Integration of Vienna MIR PRO

Our Multi Impulse Response mixing and reverberation software Vienna MIR PRO can be opened with a single click from within Vienna Ensemble PRO 5, routing the channel’s signal directly to the Vienna MIR PRO application.

Audio Input

Audio Input Plug-in

Route audio signals from your DAW into Vienna Ensemble PRO 5, e.g., to turn it into a virtual FX rack on your slave computer.

Parameter Automation

Full Parameter Automation

Vienna Ensemble PRO 5 lets you control all plug-ins running on slave computers right from your master sequencer or DAW!

Plug-in Hosting

3rd Party VSTi/AU Hosting with full latency compensation

Insert both 64-bit and 32-bit instruments and effect plug-ins from third-party manufacturers such as Spectrasonics, Native Instruments, Rob Papen, Garritan, you name it. Good news for Pro Tools users: Now you can integrate all AU plug-ins into your sessions.

Surround Pan

Sequencer Start/Stop Function

Start and stop your sequencer or DAW with the space bar from within Vienna Ensemble PRO 5.

Preserve Sessions

Preserved Sessions

Disconnect Vienna Ensemble PRO 5 from your sequencer while keeping all of your instruments, effects and samples loaded. Then re-connect to a new cue or project without having to load again. A great time-saver for improved work-flow!

Mixing over network

Mixing Over Network

Just one Ethernet cable saves you a lot of time and money! Use unlimited audio and MIDI tracks on your slave computer and route audio back to your master computer over LAN, even on cross-platform networks.

Full 64 bit support

Full 64-Bit Support

Unlimited RAM access! An electronic musician’s dream comes true – use ALL the RAM that’s available on your Windows and Mac OS X computer. With Vienna Ensemble PRO’s unlimited MIDI and audio channels, you can run a complete orchestra and even more on one well equipped machine.

Dual Architecture

Dual Architecture Servers

Run 64-bit and 32-bit Vienna Ensemble PRO 5 Servers side-by-side on the same computer. The easiest way to integrate all of your 3rd party instruments into your templates.