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> 830,000 Samples

More than 830,000 samples make Vienna Dimension Strings the most ambitious and intensive production in the history of the Vienna Symphonic Library. For comparison, the total count of all previously released string samples (Solo Strings I+II, Chamber Strings I+II, Orchestral Strings I+II, and Appassionata Strings I+II) is 372,051.


Unlimited Performance Flexibility

The 8 violins, 6 violas, 6 cellos and 4 double basses of Vienna Dimension Strings were recorded in homogeneous groups with individual microphones for each player. Human Performance Control allows for slight changes in dynamic levels, vibrato, intonation and timing of each player in the ensemble, revealing the “magic” of a live performance.


Full Play Range on Each String

We’ve captured the full play range of each string (approx. one octave plus a fifth), and with ready-made presets, such as “force strings” or “use/avoid open strings”, you may easily select a darker or brighter timbre, naturally.


Express Yourself!

Select from an unprecedented palette of articulations, and crossfade seamlessly between three different sustains  (vibrato, non-vibrato, and “espressivo” vibrato), or breathe even more life into your performances using ambient and finger noises.


Individual Timbre

Sculpt your personal ensemble sound by adjusting the mix level and position for each player or desk. By using Vienna MIR PRO or Vienna MIR PRO 24 you may create different timbres by simply changing the positions of the individual players or desks on virtual stages.


Phrase Archive for APP Sequencer

Choose from an extensive set of host-tempo-sync’ed runs, trills, arpeggios and phrases, in all scales and modes, for Vienna Instruments PRO’s internal APP (Auto Playback and Pattern) Sequencer.


Advanced Humanize and Divisi

In conjunction with the latest version of Vienna Instruments PRO and its Human Performance Control features, timing and intonation for each player can be adjusted intuitively. Pre-configured divisi sections (e.g., 4 desks with 2 players or 2 groups with 4 players for the violins) are provided.


An Interview with Herb Tucmandl

Don’t miss our detailed interview with the mastermind behind Vienna Dimension Strings, Herb Tucmandl (Founder and CEO of the Vienna Symphonic Library).