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Silent Stage

A place to call home
for samples and their creators

Early on, it was decided that in order to have ultimate control over the recording conditions for a continuous three year period and to have the absolute silence required for sampling sessions, it would be necessary to build a custom recording facility. Here, the recording musicians, as well as the sound technicians and musical directors, would find optimal conditions for capturing perfect samples, in a studio solely designed for that purpose.

The walls of the recording hall consist of three layers: an outer shell, an inner shell – both constructed of massive brickwork and each with a foundation of its own – and a third interior shell of gyprock plates. The interior to exterior isolation achieved with this design is more than 90 dB. Environmental noises like wind, birdsongs or women´s shoes which normally appear even in the best studios, not to mention concert halls, at amplification levels of more than 60 dB (e.g. with pianissimo samples) are completely non-existent. In one of our more ambitious tests, even a helicopter hovering overhead remained soundless. The only thing for which there is no remedy yet is the rumbling of musician's stomachs, which is why the strategic scheduling of lunches and dinners also becomes a necessary priority.

Another feature of the Silent Stage is its two control rooms. While in the first room the technical quality of the recordings is monitored at maximum level, the musical director in the second monitoring room checks the quality of the performance at normal, musical levels. This allows each technician to focus on his respective tasks under ideal conditions. The highest maxim of the Vienna Symphonic Library is absolute authenticity and to achieve this, one must be perfect, both technically and artistically.

Double bass group inside of the Silent Stage  
Acoustic design in the Silent Stage
by tonarchitektur Willensdorfer


Division between outer and inner hall. right: a control room, left: the recording room