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The finest equipment
gently captures every nuance

All of the Vienna Symphonic Library's samples are recorded in stereo, with great attention paid to phase coherence and mono compatibility. All recordings are being made at 96 kHz/24 bit.

To ensure ideal communication between the artistic director, the recording director, the sound engineers, conductor and musicians, a three-way talkback matrix was installed connecting both control rooms and the recording room.

Double bass group at the Silent Stage  
ORTF configuration


Recording equipment Silent Stage:

  • Schoeps Serie Colette:
        CMC 6
        BLM 3
        MK 2 S
        MK 4
        MK 21
        KFM 6
  • Millenia Media HV3D Mic preamp
  • Daniel Weiss ADC1 MK2, 24/96 AD Converter
  • Monster Cable Studio Pro 1000 Cable
  • Studer A5 Monitoring
  • Magix Sequoia Hard Disk Recording