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Herb’s Vision

From Dream to Reality –
the Complete Orchestral Sample Library

Formerly a substituting cellist in the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Herb Tucmandl turned to filming as a cameraman, director, and of course as an orchestral film music composer. But there was a severe setback: there were no budgets for real orchestra recordings, and the available sample libraries which came on just a few CD-ROMs severely limited his effervescent creativity.

A highly-educated and skilled composer, Herb Tucmandl wanted to change that. In the beginning, it seemed like a wild goose chase to find the perfect orchestral collection. Then there were hundreds of sleepless nights in which Herb hatched the concept of a truly authentic orchestral sample library. Putting his ideas to the test, Herb took his cello to the studio and recorded several thousand samples. After creating the first demo, he convinced insiders and experts alike - including a daring financial investor – to share the dream.

The only thing he had to do now was to find enough brave orchestral musicians who could face the challenge of sitting in a recording studio for months on end, wresting only perfect single notes from themselves, and a dozen or so hard-boiled sound engineers prepared to be cooped up in editing suites for years, breathing life into the terabytes of sound data. You already guessed it: no problem for Herb, the determined visionary. The Vienna Symphonic Library enterprise was all set for launch.

Founder and CEO Herbert Tucmandl