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Brandenburgisches Konzert No 3-1by Johann Sebastian Bach5:51
Brandenburgisches Konzert No 3-2by Johann Sebastian Bach4:52
Pannonian Sextetby Guy Bacos4:55
Mourning - Cello & Orchestraby Guy Bacos8:12
Concerto Cadenza - Violin & Orchestraby Guy Bacos1:29
Strinq Quartet op. 59/3 - Finaleby Ludwig van Beethoven5:42
Prayer - Cello & Pianoby Ernest Bloch3:50
String Quartet D major - Notturnoby Alexander Borodin8:26
Reverie - Bass & Pianoby Giovanni Bottesini3:35
Heart's Ease - Viola & Pianoby Frank Bridge2:44
Meditation - Violin & Orchestraby Jules Massenet4:58
Violin concerto II Andante - Violin & Orchestraby Sergei Prokofiev8:15
String quartet - 2nd Maurice Ravel6:28
Zapateado - Violin soloby Pablo de Sarasate3:12
String quartet - Death and the Maidenby Franz Schubert2:21
Rococo Variationsby Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky3:58
Performance Trills - Violin soloby Christian Kardeis0:43
Portamento - zigane - Violin soloby Christian Kardeis0:26
Fast Performances - Viola soloby Christian Kardeis0:26
Performance Trills - Viola soloby Christian Kardeis0:28
Portamento - zigane - Viola soloby Christian Kardeis0:51
Performance Trills - Cello soloby Christian Kardeis0:24
Portamento - zigane - Cello soloby Christian Kardeis0:40
Performance Trills - Bass soloby Christian Kardeis0:51
String trio universalby Christian Kardeis0:51
String trio harshby Christian Kardeis0:13
String trio harmonicsby Christian Kardeis0:31