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Our thanks go to all those who have helped us and are still helping us to realize this ambitious project with their expert advice or assistance. Special thanks to all the instrumentalists, too many to mention, and Dr. Matthias Bertsch from the Institut für Wiener Klangstil. Very special thanks to Professor Heinz Preiss and his daughter Sigrun for allowing us access to the Streitwieser Collection.


The original idea behind "Instruments Online" was to provide our users not "only" with the most comprehensive store of samples but also with information on the range of possibilities that these sounds offer; we wanted to provide arrangers and composers with the know-how they would need to make efficient use of the Vienna Symphonic Library.

That was the idea.

But soon after we started work things began to snowball, and what had started out as a "little back-up service" grew and grew until it had become a project in its own right, and of a size worthy of the Vienna Symphonic Library project.
The Internet makes it possible to combine texts, images and sound in a unique way. So what could be more logical than to present the instruments of the modern-day orchestra, and those which may one day join them, in such a way that their history, appearance and above all their sound can be explored by the user him- or herself? The result, Instruments Online, contains a multitude of topics relating to instruments and music and a wealth of information the like of which has never been seen before. It is aimed at everyone and anyone who is interested in music, be they professional musicians, students, sound technicians, composers, arrangers - in short, anyone who wants to know which sounds can be produced by a particular instrument and how those sounds are produced.

One of our aims is to make Instruments Online interesting for beginners and advanced musicians. To this end more complex topics and concepts will, we hope, be made accessible to everyone via links to a glossary. In this way it will not be necessary for the user to have any specialist knowledge of music or the areas of science covered.

But if you do need any additional explanations, feel free to send us an e-mail to – we´re happy to answer any queries.

What makes Instruments Online so different from other instrument studies is the inclusion of sounds: explanations, descriptions, range, timbre and playing techniques are backed up by the corresponding sound samples, which makes for a much wider range of experiences and consequently a far greater learning potential for the user, way beyond the possibilities of conventional and "literal" media. It is our intention not only to inform all those interested in music about sound but also to open their ears to the fascinating world of instrumental sounds.

We hope we´ve whetted your appetite!
Your instrumentologists,
Sabine Tucmandl + Stephan Reisigl