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When you order any two library products during the month of February you’ll receive one additional library product for free! This special offer applies to all Single Instruments, Collections, and Bundles (both Standard Libraries and Full Libraries), except for the Vienna Special Editions*. What’s more, for each order of two library products you’ll receive an additional free Audition Credit, a €18 value!

* Also excluded: Hardware (ViennaKey, Vienna Hard Drive), Vienna Vouchers and Audition Credits. For details please see complete product list below.

How do I get my free product?

Just order any three items from the categories mentioned above and you’ll get the lowest priced item absolutely free!

Multiply your free products by ordering as many library products during the promotional period as you want – the more products you order, the more products you’ll receive for free!

Buy 2 products, and get 1 product + 1 Audition Credit for free!
Buy 4 products, and get 2 products + 1 Audition Credit for free!
Buy 6 products, and get 3 products + 1 Audition Credit for free!
… and so on…

Your free products are based on the number of items (1 Standard Library = 1 item, 1 Full Library = 1 item) and are automatically the ones with the lowest price displayed in the basket, taking into account your personal discounts.

Example #1 (“2+1 FREE” – Single Instruments)

You purchase Regular Price Special Offer
February 1 – 29, 2016
Epic Horns (Standard Library) €80 €80
Tamtams & Gongs (Full Library) €80 €80
Fanfare Trumpets (Standard Library) €75 FREE
Audition Credit €18 FREE
TOTAL €253 €160
⇒ You save €98 – that’s a 36% discount!    

 Example #2 (“4+2 FREE” – Collections & Bundles)

You purchase Regular Price Special Offer
February 1 – 29, 2016
Vienna Dimension Strings II (Standard Library) €695 Introductory Price: €445
Vienna Dimension Brass II (Standard Library) €595 €595
Additional Winds Bundle (Full Library) €580 €580
Vienna Imperial (Standard Library) €495 €495
Vienna Solo Voices (Full Library) €490 FREE
Percussion Complete (Standard Library) €455 FREE
Audition Credit €18 FREE
TOTAL €3,328 €2,115
⇒ You save €1,213 – that’s a 36% discount!    

Choose from a total of 122 products (40 Collections & Bundles plus 82 Single Instruments).

Product list

Collections & Bundles:

Strings Complete Winds Complete Keyboards Complete
Solo Strings Bundle Woodwinds Bundle Vienna Imperial
Solo Strings I Woodwinds I Bösendorfer Imperial
Solo Strings II Woodwinds II Konzerthaus Organ
Chamber Strings Bundle Special Woodwinds Special Keyboards
Chamber Strings I Brass Bundle  
Chamber Strings II Brass I Voices Complete
Orchestral Strings Bundle Brass II Vienna Choir
Orchestral Strings I Special Brass Vienna Solo Voices
Orchestral Strings II Vienna Dimension Brass I  
Appassionatra Strings Bundle Vienna Dimension Brass II  
Appassionata Strings I Additional Winds Bundle Symphonic Cube
Appassionata Strings II Saxophones Vienna Super Package
Vienna Dimension Strings I Recorders  
Vienna Dimension Strings II    

Single Instruments:

Flute 1
Flute 2
Flute ensemble
Alto flute
Bass flute
French oboe
Viennese oboe
Oboe ensemble
Oboe d'Amore
English horn (French)
English horn (Viennese)
Clarinet (Eb)
Clarinet (Bb) 1
Clarinet (Bb) 2
Clarinet ensemble (3)
Basset horn
Bass clarinet
Contrabass clarinet
Bassoon 1 
Bassoon 2
Bassoon ensemble
Soprano saxophone
Alto saxophone
Tenor saxophone
Baritone saxophone
Bass saxophone
Piccolo trumpet
Trumpet (C)
Trumpet (C) muted
Trumpet (Bb) 
Trumpet (Bb) muted
Trumpet ensemble
Trumpet ensemble, muted
Fanfare Trumpets
Bass trumpet
Alto trombone
Tenor trombone
Tenor trombone, muted
Trombone ensemble
Trombone ensemble, muted
Bass trombone
Contrabass trombone
Triple horn
Viennese horn
Horn ensemble
Epic Horns
Bass tuba
Contrabass tuba
Wagner tuba
Prepared Piano

Drums & Toms
Tamtams & Gongs
XXL Tam-tam
Glass Instruments
Bass Waterphone
Exotic Percussion
Vienna Jazz Drums

Harp 1
Harp 2
Upright Bass
Concert Guitar
Overdrive (Distorted Electric Guitar)

Soprano Choir
Vienna Whistler