NEW: Vienna MIR RoomPack 5 – Pernegg Monastery


Introducing the superb acoustics of a 16th century monastery church, exclusively for Vienna MIR PRO and Vienna MIR PRO 24.

The all-new RoomPack 5 for Vienna MIR PRO and Vienna MIR PRO 24 includes nearly 5,000 impulse responses of the late gothic monastery church in Pernegg, Austria, that was built in the early 1500s. Its five-sided choir apse and the nave that is unencumbered by pillars produce very balanced, clearly defined, but never overbearing acoustics that have been captured from four different microphone positions.

Read more about this outstanding venue, listen to the venue previews and feel free to download a 30-day Trial RoomPack!

NEW: MIRx The Sage Gateshead


A new MIRx reverb extension for Vienna Instruments and Vienna Instruments PRO.

Our new MIRx convolution reverb extension “The Sage Gateshead” is a convenient and affordable way to integrate the world-class acoustics of the famous UK landmark building directly into the software players Vienna Instruments and Vienna Instruments PRO. Just click on the MIRx button and select one of the many presets for your loaded instrument – it will be placed automatically and aligned at the appropriate spot on the stage.

MIRx The Sage Gateshead includes 360 individually handcrafted and masterfully pre-EQ’d presets for placing every available Vienna instrument and ensemble at its perfect-sounding postion in this remakable concert hall.

Please find more details here.

Introductory Offers

Take advantage of our special Introductory Prices through October 31, 2015:

Introductory Price Regular Price
Vienna MIR RoomPack 5 – Pernegg Monastery €95 €115
MIRx The Sage Gateshead €65 €79

Please note that in case you have already registered one or more RoomPacks or MIRx products you’ll get additional Complementary Discounts when purchasing a Vienna MIR RoomPack Bundle or a MIRx Bundle now. Make sure to order the corresponding bundle and not the missing products individually!