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Only during the month of May, 2016 you’ll receive major discounts on our entire palette of software products!

25% Off

20% Off

What’s more, the discounts also apply to upgrade prices, e.g., from Vienna Ensemble Pro 4 to the latest version, from Vienna Suite to Vienna Suite Pro, or from Vienna MIR Pro 24 to Vienna MIR Pro.

The discounted prices will be automatically displayed in our webshop when ordering any of the above mentioned products between May 1 and May 31, 2016.

If you’ve already registered any software products (e.g., one or more MIR RoomPacks or MIRx Reverb Mixing Extensions) you’ll benefit from additional Complementary Discounts when completing a Bundle, e.g., the Vienna MIR RoomPack Bundle, the MIRx Bundle or the entire Vienna Software Package. Just order the Bundle at the discounted price, not the individual products you’re missing, and all of your registered products will be automatically taken into account and your complementary discount will be applied in addition to the promotional discount!

Here is a detailed overview of all products with their regular prices and your savings during the promotional period:

Product Regular Price* Special Price*
May 1 – 31, 2016
Vienna Instruments Pro EUR 145 EUR 116 EUR 29
Vienna Ensemble Pro EUR 235 EUR 188 EUR 47
Vienna Suite Pro EUR 780 EUR 624 EUR 156
Vienna Suite EUR 395 EUR 316 EUR 79
MIRx Konzerthaus Grosser Saal EUR 79 EUR 59 EUR 20
MIRx Konzerthaus Mozartsaal EUR 79 EUR 59 EUR 20
MIRx Teldex Scoring Stage EUR 79 EUR 59 EUR 20
MIRx The Sage Gateshead EUR 79 EUR 59 EUR 20
MIRx Bundle EUR 255 EUR 191 EUR 64
Vienna MIR Pro EUR 645 EUR 484 EUR 161
Vienna MIR Pro 24 EUR 295 EUR 221 EUR 74
Vienna MIR RoomPack 1 EUR 195 EUR 146 EUR 49
Vienna MIR RoomPack 2 EUR 275 EUR 206 EUR 69
Vienna MIR RoomPack 3 EUR 175 EUR 131 EUR 44
Vienna MIR RoomPack 4 EUR 195 EUR 146 EUR 49
Vienna MIR RoomPack 5 EUR 115 EUR 86 EUR 29
Vienna MIR RoomPack Bundle EUR 670 EUR 503 EUR 167
Vienna Software Package EUR 1,970 EUR 1,576 EUR 394

* Prices based on the MSRPs displayed in our web shop. Due to upgrade and complementary discounts your personal price may be lower than the special price shown here.