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INSP:IR Impulse Library Vienna Edition

Renowned halls from Inspired Acoustics at your fingertips.

Exclusively available for Vienna Suite Convolution Reverb.

The INSP:IR Impulse Library (IIL) Vienna Edition is the essential inspiring tool you need to get the most out of Vienna Suite’s Convolution Reverb.

The INSP:IR Impulse Library (IIL) Vienna Edition is a special edition of the multi-positional reverb sample library by Inspired Acoustics. It is designed to work with Vienna Suite’s Convolution Reverb, providing multiple stereo and true stereo impulse responses from 10 renowned halls, some of them actually part of World Heritage, which allows you to virtually place your sound recordings or virtual instruments inside these acoustic spaces. The multiple measurement positions offer you a choice of where to set your source and listener positions within a given room which gives you unique flexibility. The provided impulse responses have a full 24-bit (over 140 dB) dynamic range at all frequencies providing you rich and long reverberations. If you are looking for a natural and beautifully sounding reverberation library, this is it.

Contents of the INSP:IR Impulse Library Vienna Edition

  • 10 halls
    • Béla Bartók National Concert Hall – the renowned concert hall with variable acoustics.
    • Esztergom Basilica – the largest cathedral in Hungary.
    • Fertőrákos Cave Theater – a cave theater near the Austro-Hungarian border, part of the UNESCO World Heritage.
    • Liszt Academy – Dome Hall – a practice and teaching hall for students of the renowned academy.
    • Liszt Academy – Great Hall – the famous concert hall (before its renovation).
    • Notre Dame of Buda – acoustics of Budapest's number one touristic attraction World Heritage Matthias Church (before its renovation).
    • Notre Dame of Kispest – a church famous for its magnificent acoustics and pipe organ.
    • Studio 22 of the Hungarian Radio – most likely you already heard this room on numerous movie soundtracks.
    • Szeged Cathedral – a cathedral in southern Hungary with an unbelievably clear yet long reverberation acoustics.
    • Vác Cathedral – a large cathedral at the city of Vác with rich acoustics.
  • Over 140 dB dynamics in all impulses
  • Propagation delay and direct sound removed to allow you wet-dry mixing
  • Natural ITDG (pre-delay) and early reflections entirely kept intact
  • Multiple source and listening positions in each hall
  • Multiple stage and audience positions

All together 230 impulse responses are provided in the Vienna Edition with 174 stereo and 56 true stereo (4-channel widely spaced double source) files.