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Numerical Sound SERTI

Impulse Responses

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Numerical Sound SERTI

Exclusively available for Vienna Suite Convolution Reverb.

SERTI (Small Ensemble Reverb & Timbral Impulses) applies the approach innovated by FORTI to entirely new content and adds powerful tools. Together they create an innovative all-new addition to Numerical Sound’s wide-ranging and lauded line of impulse libraries. SERTI continues the excellence of collections like “Pure Space: Classical and Mystical Reverberation Impulses”.

The result of over two decades of experience in convolution, SERTI and FORTI offer unprecedented impulse library options. SERTI features “Transparent Immediate Listener Targeting” (TILT) Filters and the world’s first Ultra-Precision Instrumental Bass Isolation and Ultra-Precision Low End Removal Filters; the crystal clear sound of impulse-based Compartmentalized Reverb Collection for more intimate recording spaces and venues and custom Harmonic Emphasis Timbral Impulses specifically designed for the Violins and Violas in several Vienna Instruments String Collections.

SERTI delivers over 380 impulses at less than 70 MB in size: uncompromising quality for the studio in a quick download that’s ready for the road.

Harmonic Emphasis Timbral Impulses (TIs For Use With Vienna Instruments String Collections)

  • Brings out the radiance of your Vienna Instruments high strings by emphasizing the harmonics over the bowing noise.
  • Effortlessly enhances the musicality and impact of your strings.
  • TIs for both violin and viola.
  • Custom-made for Vienna Instruments Solo, Chamber, Orchestral and Appassionata Strings.
  • 10 Harmonic Emphasis TIs (each at 44.1, 48 and 96 kHz) for a total of 30 impulses.

Intimate Reverb Collection

  • Acoustic reverb tails (RIs) and early reflections (ERs) ranging from discrete to dense in sound with the perfect balance of clarity and warmth.
  • Fully separated with the ability to “mix-and-match” with coherent phase.
  • ERs and RIs covering Small Room, Salon, Medium Sound Stage, Small and Large Recording Studio, Recital, Theatre and Club.
  • ERs ranging in length from 10–99 ms, with first reflections ranging from 8–42 ms.
  • Pristine, studio quality with true stereo 24-bit 96kHz impulses.
  • 30 Reverb Impulses (RIs) can be transparently mixed with 73 Early Reflection (ER) impulses (taken from 30 spaces, many scaled short, medium and long).
  • The ability to mix and match different ERs and RIs creates 2,190 reverb combinations.

Transparent Immediate Listener Targeting (TILT) Filters

  • Numerical Sound TILT Filters create the ability to reduce the dreaded “sample transient clarity” that keeps most digital pieces from sounding acoustic.
  • Enhances detail or makes a sound silky smooth.
  • The power to naturally brighten or darken any recording with a single click.
  • Use Mastering Quality precision and transparency to give you the confidence to control a mix’s air and presence.
  • An intuitive approach with an effect unlike any filter or EQ on the market: more musical in less time.
  • 70 (TILT) Impulses each at 44.1, 48 and 96 kHz (for a total of 210 impulses).
  • All New Cutoff points at 131, 523 & 2093 Hz (C3, C5, C7).

Ultra-Precision Bass Isolation Filters

  • The perfect contrast to the TILT filter, these ultra-precision filters have an unparalleled roll-off rate of over 400db/octave for a uniquely precise cutoff.
  • Uniquely precise cutoffs allow you to increase the bass without affecting surrounding higher frequencies.
  • Designed to isolate and increase the bass of any instrument, track, mix or recording.
  • Can be used for everything from mix enhancement to dramatically beefing up beats.
  • Work in conjunction with the Ultra-Precision Low-End Removal Highpass filters to give you total control of your low end.
  • 8 Bass Isolation TIs, each at 44.1, 48 and 96 kHz (for a total of 27 impulses).
  • Cutoff points at 38, 50, 65, 82, 98, 130, 165 & 195 Hz.