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VI PRO 2 Issues
Last post Sun, Jul 02 2017 by Paul, 2 replies.
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Posted on Sun, Jul 02 2017 14:12
by BLAK3
Joined on Thu, Oct 18 2012, Posts 3

Hi there, 

I've got a couple of strange issues that I don't know how to solve with my Vienna Instruments Pro. First of all the Repetitions are not working as they should, when I have the Appasionata Violin Staccato patch loaded (which has 4 repetition notes available which are filled with a red dot) only one will play resulting in the machine gun effect. It only seems to play slot 2, and if i switch off slot 2 it plays slot 1. slots 3 and 4 play no sound, even when 1 and 2 are switched off... I've tried updating my VI Pro, MIR Pro and Ensemble Pro 5 software to the latest version, and I only just purchased Appasionata strings the other day so everything is on the latest version.... 

I've also noticed that my Dimension string Repetition patches do not play all of the available repetition notes but rather 5 out of the available 9 unless I force them to play by disabling the others. I have tested this by only having the last 4 slots enabled and it actually will only play 2 out of 4 available no matter how fast or slow I seem to play the same single note in succession. I have the Repetition threshold set to 50ms, release mode global, AB mode global, Start offset attack 5ms, start offset 0ms. In the audio settings inside VI Pro2 I have the following audio engine settings: Default Preload (maximum) Streaming threads 4 (this option can go up to 32), preallocated voices 256, Maximum voices 2048, instance voices 256, unlimited bounce polyphony is ticked. This issue is with all patches and not just the ones mentioned. detache patches, legato patches, dimension brass patches... everything it's so annoying :(

I also have issues with the preset patches like the runs and phrases where half the notes don't play, and in fact many of them i can see the notes on the virtual keyboard displayed below being pressed but no sound is being played. 

I'm running LogicX on a Mac Pro (2012) 12 core machine with 64gb ecc ram, and a slave computer running windows 10 with a core i7 5960X 8 core processor, 64GB DDR4 ram and the instrument libraries loaded onto Samsung Evo 1tb SSDs which are seperate to the one thats running the OS and VE pro. All of my instruments are on my slave computer. 

Is anybody able to please help me? thanks!

Posted on Sun, Jul 02 2017 18:10
by Paul
Joined on Sat, Aug 03 2002, Vienna, Posts 12112

Hello BLAK3, 

I just checked all the articulations you mention, no troubles here at all. 

Can you please create a short song (best from scratch, not from a template) that "features" these problems and send it to ? This way I can hopefully try to reproduce it. 


Paul Kopf
Product Manager - Vienna Symphonic Library
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