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Synchron Pianos User Patches
Last post Fri, Mar 05 2021 by Keepitsimple, 43 replies.
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Posted on Thu, Apr 16 2020 20:31
by Mark Schmieder
Joined on Mon, May 07 2007, Concord CA, Posts 207

I've renamed all of my personal presets, to be more recognizable in the context of which piano as well as close vs. stage etc. But the last time I tried to rename attachments here, it kept the old ones and added the new ones, creating confusion, so I'm just leaving it be for now, as I didn't really tweak any of the settings yet anyway. Hopefully the descriptions I provided earlier are enough to help, if the preset names are confusing or seem genre-specific where they shouldn't be.

I may have a couple more (new ones) to post shortly, and I did modify my Yamaha preset but I'm not posting it yet because it hasn't made it all the way through a production cycle, which is what I consider the proof in the pudding.

UPDATE (6 March 2021): I have tweaked all of my presets now, and was about to post them (including new 280VC and a heavily revised CFX), but then there were two updates by VSL (one to CFX and one to all of the pianos) right afterwards, so I need to integrate the new features and do a final review before posting, as well as see whether I learn anything from the new presets in Rabih's post that follows mine.

Posted on Fri, Mar 05 2021 13:49
by Keepitsimple
Joined on Tue, May 01 2018, Posts 10

My presets for the 280VC (Standard library only).

- Reverb is off in the mixer but it's highly recommended to either turn it on or use a 3rd party reverb (like i do). 

- Velocity curve and sensitivity both left untouched. Up to you to tweak according to your controller. I personally leave everything at default because the 280 VC feels/sounds great to me as is when played through my Yamaha HS80M monitors. 

- Some volume adjustments were done on the upper range in the edit page. 

- Some minor frequency taming was done on certain notes on the upper range in the edit page. 



File Attachment(s):
RabihU0020BosyU0020VC.zip (33kb) downloaded 10 time(s).
VelocityU0020Curve.zip (1kb) downloaded 10 time(s).

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Posted on Fri, Mar 05 2021 21:27
by Keepitsimple
Joined on Tue, May 01 2018, Posts 10

Added a velocity curve to my previous post. I think it's a great starting point.

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