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Posted on Mon, Jun 13 2022 16:04
by dreikelvin
Joined on Fri, Nov 02 2012, Posts 7

Hi there!

I recently got a new mac and got it all up and running over the last few days. My new machine is a beast! It's a Mac Studio Ultra with 128GB of RAM and 2TB disk space.

My DAW is Cubase 12 and everything feels so snappy and fast. It loads up in a few seconds - it's a dream!

However I am a little disappointed by the performance especially in connection with VE Pro and Synchron Player. I have experienced similar performance issues on my older mac as well!

Here are some of the issues:

+ on my older mac (i7 3930K) rendering times are slow, sometimes unbearably slow, especially with Vienna Ensemble! I once rendered out just a few notes of a 2 minute track and it took almost half an hour!

+ in Cubase 12, I made a test project with 18 Synchron Player instances and random notes playing. when hitting the PLAY button, the performance meter peaks out and I get dropouts. definately not normal on a Mac Ultra machine...

+ rendering on the mac studio ultra took 2:30 for a 3minute track (in comparison: same track but with just OPUS player loaded took 1:30 minutes to render)

+ I have to mention that I am only rendering in 48KHz 32Bit these days

Is there some stuff I can do to make performance with Synchron Player and VE better? Is this a software issue that VSL is still working on? I saw that there isn't even an M1 native version out yet.

Happy to hear your experiences if you just got a new machine!

Posted on Tue, Jun 14 2022 15:39
by fatis12_24918
Joined on Sat, Dec 16 2006, Posts 343


unfortunately I have to confirm I got similar disappointment, but not as serious as the one you report:

- I got my Mac Studio Ultra 64Gb work pretty well with (native) Logic and Studio One, but it's pretty obvious that everything native works better. I often experience picks and inconsistent performance when a mixture of native and Rosetta software is running. VEP and Synchron Player are not native yet, so if you use them in Cubase you must use Rosetta and that is not optimal for our machines

- the recent update of Cubase (12.0.30) and VEP (via Vienna Assistant) claim to have improved the mutual compatibility and resulting performance: I didn't test it yet, but I recommend you do after updating, perhaps you get a positive surprise.

In any case, I didn't pay excessive attention to the lack of performance of the current VSL software, because I didn't expect it to work optimally and at top speed in Rosetta, in the hope VSL will deliver soon Silicon Native versions to really stress test and challenge... hopefully this is not too far in the future, and hopefully it will match expectations. I cross fingers on hold till that moment... 

Posted on Wed, Jun 15 2022 14:06
by kurt
Joined on Mon, Jan 15 2007, Belgium, Posts 58
I just received my Mac studio. Fingers crossed for apple silicon versions of VSL software.
Posted on Thu, Jun 16 2022 20:02
by dreikelvin
Joined on Fri, Nov 02 2012, Posts 7

After doctoring and manually installing and re-installing and transferring missing third party plugins over from my old mac, I was able to open a 10 year old project, which I made on a mac G6 in 2012 in fact...everything works flawlessly and loads quickly in cubase 12 now! incredible!

You are indeed correct, VEP has a much better performance, a better one, even than the Synchron Player, ironically. While it would take me almost an hour to render a simple instrument track on my previous mac, it just rendered the whole orchestral piece in under one minute! Very nice.

I still want to stick for Synchron Player an OPUS for the time being as it is simply more manageable for me and I won't have to deal with secondary apps and its little annoying helper windows.

Posted on Mon, Jun 20 2022 15:02
by kurt
Joined on Mon, Jan 15 2007, Belgium, Posts 58

Hi Guys, what do you use as VEP parameter Multiprocessing: Default Thread Count (per instance)  ? 

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