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ASIO spikes with VEPro 5 caused by only the mod wheel use!
Last post Sun, Feb 09 2014 by paulwr, 2 replies.
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Posted on Fri, Feb 07 2014 22:42
by paulwr
Joined on Wed, Sep 23 2009, Posts 18

This only happens if my Cubase 7.5 project has VEPro running.... and it doesn' matter if I am triggering midi for a local VEPro or a slave computer instrument.  Just moving the mod wheel up and down causes asio spikes! Not all instruments exhibit this behavior and after rebooting the computer, the instrument(s) tracks affected can change.  But, if not using the modwheel, I remain at 10-15% cpu load.

Anyone else have this issue, or a solution?  I'm near the end of my demo period and if I can't solve this, I can't really justify purchaing the VE Pro 5 program.  I can't find anything unusual in my midi setup in the tracks, and I have filtered sysex messages in Cubase trying to find the problem, but that didn't help.

My system is a PC i7 3770K, 16GB ram (about 13.5GB loaded with Hollywood Brass on the DAW), RME Fireface 800, Cubase 7.5 and just updated to 7.5.1 


Posted on Sun, Feb 09 2014 18:35
by paulwr
Joined on Wed, Sep 23 2009, Posts 18

Amazing.  Just added one buffer and solved.  Wonder why all the hard stuff works fine at 1 buffer and 256 samples latency, i.e. 20+ incoming audio channels, mastering plugins, reverb plugins, 96 midi ports, and no hint of an issue running 10-15% up to occassional 20% load per Cubase 7.5 asio meter.... but just using the modwheel creates instant asio spiking.... and then I add one buffer to VEPro and all is fine.  I can't wrap my head around that, but it works.  And oddly, the added buffer isn't noticeable when playing in a part on any instrument. 


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