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Posted on Wed, Aug 25 2021 08:47
by Gone To Lunch
Joined on Mon, Jul 12 2010, Posts 78

I am currently setting up a template in VEPro7 for use with MOTU Digital Performer 9.52 on a Mac 5,1 OS 10.13.6, cpu: 3.46 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon, Ram: 32 GB 1333 MHz DDR3.


I have figured out how to set up the MIDI, host the VIs and get the signal back out to DP, all well and good.


Now what I want to do is set up an instance to host my effects, especially power-hungry Aether reverb, but I can’t seem to figure out how to get audio into VEPro7 and back out again – I haven’t found any VSL documentation or videos.


Specifically, what is the difference between a bus and an input channel in VEPro7 ?


Currently I do orchestral reverb all in DP using Aether, which crucially allows the early reflections ER to be separated from the late reflections LR. Thus I use five instances of Aether – 4 set up as ER labelled front, front middle, back middle, back, each with a different pre-delay value, each of which sends its output to the fifth instance set up as LR.


But this really hogs most of my CPU capacity as shown by the DP meter. Would this be possible in VEPro7 ? 

Posted on Wed, Aug 25 2021 10:24
by Gone To Lunch
Joined on Mon, Jul 12 2010, Posts 78

The VSL video says


Using the audio outputs of Vienna Ensemble Pro, you can route an audio signal internally. For example to certain buses or back to your sequencer. Again, each sequencer is different in this regard and you will find more information in your Vienna Ensemble Pro manual.


You can also process audio signals from your sequencer. Insert an audio input plugin in the audio track of your sequencer and assign this plugin to the already established Vienna Ensemble Pro connection.”


In the context of MOTU DP, an audio input plugin is presumably an aux bus or an audio track, as they are the only audio carriers? But there is no explanation in the manual of how to connect them, only about how to connect instruments?

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