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Genesis II, part I
Last post Sun, Mar 20 2022 by Jos Wylin, 4 replies.
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Posted on Sat, Jan 15 2022 14:25
by Jos Wylin
Joined on Mon, Dec 03 2012, Belgium, Posts 684

Hi all,

Here is my new piece Genesis II, for orchestra, choir and narrator . This is the first part, the exodus from space.

Unfortunately, the VSL choir cannot sing words or syllables. The language of the narrator is Dutch.

Men left earth some 200 years ago after they had completely ruined the planet. It had become an arid and waste place, uninhabitable. They thought that they could have a new start in space, somewhere on a 'world-like' planet, but they couldn't find such one. After a 200 years odyssey, they decided to return to earth, hoping that it would have restored itself into a safe and habitable world again. The longer the space journey lasted, the more the old stories about the earth they had left, tortured them and made them longing for such a brilliant planet. Finally they convinced themselves to return...

The piece was made with exclusively VSL instruments and voices (a combination of Synchron and VI instruments)  with the new Sound Variations (of Synchron) and my own designed Sound Variations for VI instruments in Studio One Pro.


Genesis II, part I


Posted on Fri, Mar 18 2022 10:52
by Jos Wylin
Joined on Mon, Dec 03 2012, Belgium, Posts 684

The original version has been revised: some more presence was added, some more performance articulations and the final crescendo was lengthened a bit in the brass section.



Posted on Fri, Mar 18 2022 17:00
by Jerry Gerber
Joined on Thu, Jan 19 2006, San Francisco, CA USA, Posts 398

Good work Jos!

Nice transition between the Baroque-like beginning and what comes after.

By the way, East-West produces the "Hollywood Choirs" ( weird name, I know) that I used on my Nine Hymns on Spiritual Life that I think you heard and commented on.  It does a really good job of letting the composer type in the words you want the choir to sing.  The words are about as intelligible as the experience of hearing a live choir in a highly reverberant church.  Takes a bit of time to learn but well worth it.



Posted on Sun, Mar 20 2022 14:36
by Jos Wylin
Joined on Mon, Dec 03 2012, Belgium, Posts 684

Thanks Jerry!

I will certainly have a look at the Hollywood Choir. To be honest, I took the VSL choir because everything else is VSL, but in my opinion, it is not the most successful one of the VSL rig. I tried the Kontakt choir as well, but there, the overal ambience is far too different compared to the orchestra, even when used totally 'dry'.

Thanks for listening,


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