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Vienna Ensemble suggestions
Last post Sat, Oct 27 2007 by fcw, 1 replies.
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Posted on Sat, Oct 27 2007 02:14
by fcw
Joined on Wed, May 11 2005, UK, Posts 153

1) Make the volume sliders accurately reflect whatever cockamamie number I type in as the dB setting, rather than rounding to the nearest 0.1 . If I'm crazy enough to think that -7.25 is different from -7.2 or -7.3, then the software ought to honour that rather than 'fix' my frivolously precise number.

Note that I'm not asking for unachievable precision in how the number is used, only that if I take the trouble to type a number in, that that number not be changed when it's displayed back to me. (This suggestion comes from long experience as the erstwhile designer of calculation software for engineers, where any discrepancy between what is entered and what is displayed back is cause for concern.)

2) Change the little application icon that is associated with the Vienna Ensemble Server program so that it's obviously different at a glance from the icon used by the server instances themselves (for example, invert all the colours so that it's blue on grey); that way, I won't have to remember which is which when I'm Alt-Tabbing or clicking on a Windows toolbar, only to end up at the server program again rather than a VE instance.  As a bonus, let me customize the icon, in the same way that I can customize the colours of the lanes in each instance, and save that customization with the config for that instance.  (Can't remember how hard such window decoration customization might be on Windows -- thankfully, it's been a while since I last wrote any software for Windows.)


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