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hi daft newbie here..
Last post Tue, Jul 01 2008 by steveshadforth, 5 replies.
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Posted on Mon, Jun 30 2008 21:55
by steveshadforth
Joined on Mon, Mar 17 2008, Posts 4

having spent all day loading the Special Edition (after having to download the latest installer) I have a few (daft) questions

1. In Logic 8, the VSL instruments only open up in their own player, not as an EXS24 instrument, is that right?
2. No automation in Logic possible, is that right? As I only have a small keyboard I wanted to automate articulations, and I know it's possible to do that with controllers, pitch wheel etc, but if the VSL articulation selection was available in the automation menu I'd have liked that.
3. Assuming I'm right about point 2 above, should I really consider having multiple tracks of the same instruments, but each with different articulations.

I just wonder what you experienced users are doing.

Hope I've made myself clear there, please be gentle with me, as I know what I'm doing ( see www.steveshadforth.com and www.realworldremixed.com..._id=drcHn9T0uHFYjpMZMac. ) but am new to VSL

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Posted on Tue, Jul 01 2008 02:12
by plowman
Joined on Sat, Dec 13 2003, Posts 1089
"Daft" is a deft word.

Was there an EXS Special Edition version? I don't remember. In any case, what did you buy?

VI (Vienna Instruments) have their own player. They don't use EXS.

VSL (Vienna Symphonic Library) is the name of the company. So saying "VSL" doesn't allow us to distinguish your library. You can't tell if it's a Civic or an Accord by calling it a Honda.

Switching articulations is an open-ended discussion because there are so many ways to do it. But in the spirit of the question, the short answer is no, you will not readily find a drop-down menu with different articulations plainly printed on your controller options within Logic.

Most people in score-driven venues (where print-out is key to composition and live performance) do their best to switch all articulations in as few tracks as possible, as Logic most comfortably presents a stave for every track. If you open a track for, say, stac, sus, pizz, DYN, and sord violins, you'll be looking at five staves immediately. Continue that over all strings, then extend the approach to the rest of the orchestra, and your scroll wheel will begin to smoke.

This articulation-switching thing is an acquired taste, and user preferences vary. It will become clearer over time. But for now, tell us what "Special Edition" you bought and give us a small, confined example of what you'd like to do.
Posted on Tue, Jul 01 2008 05:34
by steveshadforth
Joined on Mon, Mar 17 2008, Posts 4
Special Edition.

As in Special Edition.

I'm not making up scores or lead sheets, so that's not a big issue for me, just composing. I guess I'll have to run maybe two tracks. with articulations divided between them.

Any other help greatly appreciated!

Posted on Tue, Jul 01 2008 16:46
by plowman
Joined on Sat, Dec 13 2003, Posts 1089
"Special Edition. As in Special Edition."

I was trying to understand why you would ask a VI Special Edition question on the EXS forum, and I thought perhaps in the past VSL may have released a simplified and less expensive version of the EXS Orchestral Cube and also titled it the "Special Edition."

In any case, I think you're in the wrong forum, and I now assume that you've got VI.

The most common art-switching method is keyswitching. You can build a matrix, and on its screen you'll see a list of articulations. But I think originally you were hoping to see the arts list more directly tied to controller options within Arrange or Hyperdraw, and that can't be done easily.

By the way, OSX has a program called "Stickies" where you can bring up tiny little post-it notes on your screen. You could compile a list there for constant reference. Also, you could use a Marker window for lists per song.

Posted on Tue, Jul 01 2008 18:18
by steveshadforth
Joined on Mon, Mar 17 2008, Posts 4

I wasn't really sure where to post, as was unsure about the whole EXS!thing

As I said, daft newbie :-)

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