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Posted on Mon, Oct 06 2008 18:20
by idolamore
Joined on Tue, Sep 30 2008, Leeds, UK, Posts 3
I am recording a legato solo cello part in logic pro 8 with a VSL Special Edition plug-in and when I play the line, Vienna seems to automatically pick up the time signature and finish the last long note at the end of the bar. As I want the note to hold for two bars and not one this is unbearably irritating. When I play a single note in isolation it will hold indefinitely, so how can I stop it from cutting the last note short (even though I still have the note pressed down) when the whole melody is played?

Please help asap before I tear all my hair out.

Thanks in advance, ID.
Posted on Mon, Oct 06 2008 18:41
by Paul
Joined on Sat, Aug 03 2002, Vienna, Posts 11306

 Hello and welcome idolamore,

the solo strings donĀ“t have looped legato interval notes, the starting notes sound longer because they are "normal" sustained notes. 

The best way to go is probably to load a solo cello sustain into the second slot of the legato and use "Cell Xfade" to switch between the legato and the sustain - do that right after you have played the transition to the last note. 

You can also check out our Video Tutorials for tips and tricks, in this case "Stacking and Layering Patches" will be very helpful!



Paul Kopf
Product Manager - Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Mon, Oct 06 2008 20:57
by musos
Joined on Sun, Dec 08 2002, Johannesburg, South Africa, Posts 912

This cutting off of notes is an issue that has been raised many times and is clearly a common problem.

Without meaning to attack VSL, I really believe that the kind of stacked or layered patches that Paul has refrred to should be provided by VSL themselves. It feels wrong to expect users to create layered patches to perform musical phrases which one could genuinely expect to be able to play "out of the box". Many new owners of VSL are not experienced enough to create such patches and for VSL to supply them would be a welcome addition to an excellent product.

I have been hoping for many such patch updates since I purchased the Cube some time ago. We want to make music, not build patches. I don't think it's unrealistic to expect such updates, particularly since this is such a common issue.

It is also long overdue that VSL sets up a patch/matrix area where users can upload their modifications and share their user patches. 

Regards - Colin 

Posted on Mon, Oct 06 2008 21:40
by obmit
Joined on Sat, Feb 23 2008, Posts 10

 Right, and the solution to fade or keyswitch out is not perfect as the sustain patches are 3 or 4 layer and the perf legatos are 2 so a note at the same velocity does not match the colour or volume in the middle of the range.  In order for the system to work better there needs to be a sustain patch with the EXACT same samples and switch points.  The samples exist, so maybe one day.............................................................. 


Posted on Thu, Jan 07 2010 08:57
by benbartlett
Joined on Thu, Apr 26 2007, Posts 157

Solo Cello is basically poorly programmed. I don't mind what reasons are given technically - it must and should behave as all other VSL monophonic instruments.

It is, in effect, un-usable in a professional (time pressured) situation. It's gathering dust until as update is done. Why not programme a bow change? It would begin to actually sound like a cello then. 

Also, it it REALLY sampled on every note?

Makes me think twice now before purchasing more VSL. Such an obvious feature as "its legato but not sustained, but if you like, it's sustained on a note by note basis" should be clearly stated at point of sale.

Annoyed. No, disappointed. And creatively compromised.

Posted on Thu, Jan 07 2010 17:00
by William
Joined on Sun, Nov 24 2002, USA, Posts 5372

It is not "poorly programed."   That is a sweeping and false statement.  You obviously say that because you think the crossfade after a legato transtion should be done automatically.  But it is so easy to do with the cells - with one flick of a wrist - that it has not been a priority.  The cello behaves exactly like the other monophonic instruments.  It sounds like a cello and works just as well as any other of the solo strings in professional applications. 

Posted on Wed, Feb 24 2010 20:07
by chris_13848
Joined on Sat, Apr 23 2005, London, Posts 3

I get this on the solo violin too.  I've created an instrument that cross fades between the legato and the sustain articulations in order to solve the legato notes cutting off.  but for some reason the sustain notes are cutting off way too short now too. Very frustrating.  Why cant there by a guaranteed note that lasts as long as i want it to.


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