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Taking Advantage of Vienna Suite Altiverb and MIR
Last post Fri, Jul 17 2009 by Dietz, 2 replies.
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Posted on Thu, Jul 16 2009 08:28
by mischamouse
Joined on Mon, Oct 31 2005, Posts 38

 Hi all,

I am in a real quandary and am not sure whether to upgrade my PC or get a Mac and want to be able to use VS and MIR or Altiverb (can't decide which one). I start a Masters in Film Composition in Septebmber and the college is all Logic and ProTools based. I have been looking at the latest 8core Mac with 16Gb RAM and can get a student price on it however I am really concerned after trawling through the forums to find out the memory limitations of Logic. I use VISE, VISE+ and the extended libraries and my pc obviously cannot cope since it is Windows XP 32bit with 4Gb RAM running Sibelius and Cubase SX3. I hear that logic is great from a composers perspective and the native plugins that come with it are really good quality, production really isn't my strong point. From reading the forums I understand how VE bypasses the memory limitations but can the faders in VE be automated if not how do you get round this? Also will VE Pro be able to host Logic8 native plugins? If I am to purchase the Mac, I was looking at the Motu 2048 MkIII is this a good unit since I have no experience with Motu products or is there anything else I should consider. I have no experience with setting up a slave PC and would really like to be able to utilise my old machine. Until VE3 Pro is released can I connect the adat and midi on my PC's RME 9652 to the the 2048 and setup return loops in logic to use plugins installed in cubase? Does this scenario require any form of clock sync such as word clock?

Would a 16Gb Mac have enough memory to run altiverb and everything else?  I appreciate its very difficult to plan for the future and at present MIR does not support the Macs and I can't afford to buy 2 machines

many thanks

Posted on Fri, Jul 17 2009 10:42
by Dietz
Joined on Tue, Aug 06 2002, Vienna / Europe, Posts 7327

Hi Mischa,

Thanks for your interest.

Before anything else, it is important to point out that  AltiVerb and MIR are not the same kind of product. AltiVerb is "just" a reverb plugin (a great one!). Vienna MIR is a VST-host, a spatial mixing engine, a virtual orchestral venue, based on multi(-sampled) Impulse Responses (IRs) - all this combined with an innovative graphical approach to all these tasks.

AltiVerb is a plugin, Vienna MIR is a stand-alone, highly integrated application for orchestral mixing. AltiVerb will happily run on (nowadays) modest machines, while you will need the latest generation of Intel processors and true 64-bit operating systems to make full use of Vienna MIR; the reason for this is that AltiVerb relies on two to four IR-convolutions per instance, while Vienna MIR handles hundreds, even thousands IRs in (quasi-) real-time.

Please see these pages for more detailed system requirements for MIR: http://vsl.co.at/en/211/497/1687/455/1287.htm

You might need need either AltiVerb or Vienna MIR - they don't compete, but serve different tasks.


/Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
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