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Posted on Fri, Apr 02 2010 23:20
by KMC
Joined on Mon, Dec 01 2003, Posts 19


I was wondering if any of you have experience with having two different users in a studio run the same template on two slave machines in two different DAW's simultaneously?  One slave machine is an octocore with 30gb of ram with the symphonic cube and LASS.  The other machine is a quadcore i7 with 12GB of RAM that has Komplete 5 and 6, omnisphere, stylus, and LASS.  They will both be running windows 7.  The host computers are also both quad cores running windows 7.  I currently use a very large template with no problems with both computers running vienna ensemble pro as a slave to a quad core 32 bit system running Nuendo.

I am working with a composer working on sibelius on a separate system and my hope is that we can both use the same template at the same time.  The idea would be that he would work on a sibelius score using the same orchestral template.  Export the midi, and then I would load it into Nuendo and touch up the programming, controllers, etc...  At the same time, I would like to be able to compose in my studio. There is also a chance that a mixing engineer would then reopen the same sessions in his room.  I could also just export the stems to avoid the third user at that point.

My hope is that since it would be the same template in both rooms pulling from the same computer slaves that the RAM usage would be the same since the samples would already be in RAM if loaded once.  Does this sound feasible? 

If anyone has tried this, is there anything to worry about in terms of streaming and performance?  Will the buffers need to be increased dramatically?

Any advice would be welcome. 

Best regards,


Posted on Wed, Apr 07 2010 19:49
by KMC
Joined on Mon, Dec 01 2003, Posts 19


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