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Posted on Tue, Nov 16 2010 22:45
by georgelegeriii
Joined on Sun, Jan 25 2004, Los Angeles, Posts 38


I am working with a composer on a film and we are having issues recalling our cues and getting VEPro to reload correctly. I have read the manuals and watched the video on VEPro, but it just doesn't seem to make sense. the documentation goes on about how VEPRo can go from song to song and not have to reload. In our case, we want VEPro to load a completely different set of projects each cue, and it doesn't want to reload properly.

Here is how we currently save a project at the end of our cue being scored:

1) Save the instrument being used in the project: Kontakt multi in Project 1, Zebra Patch name in Project 2, Trillian patches in Project 3.

2) We save each project individually.

3) We save each meta frame (we have 2, a 64 bit frame, and a 32 bit frame).

4) We save our Logic session file.

Now, we would expect that when we start another cue in Logic, we opens our template Logic session, and in our template we have created template 32 bit and 64 bit metaframes, with our 3 starter projects in each metaframe, each loaded with multiple VI's that have been loaded with our basic starter patches.

We work on the cue, and go back to step 1, and go through to step 4 each time we complete our cue.

The issue is, when we reload an old cue, VEPro doesn't always load the right data. Looking over our saving process, what are we doing wrong, or is this just "one of the quirks of VEPro"?

Thanks for your time,

George Leger III

Posted on Thu, Nov 18 2010 15:11
by civilization 3
Joined on Sat, May 16 2009, SF Bay Area, Posts 1631

Try this: decouple the instances from the Logic project on your last save before quitting. That decouple button is on the panel with the server windows.

Load the metaframes before the Logic project, then just connect to what's loaded. The sequencer host is better off not having to load what you can load beforehand, loading will be much faster with no confusion.

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Posted on Wed, Dec 01 2010 05:04
by igor
Joined on Mon, Jul 31 2006, California, Posts 25

Also... if you ever change the "name" of the VEP instance and then load up an older Logic file that previously used that same instance, it will try to find an instance with that exact name and end up creating an "empty" instance with that name rather than linking to the correct one.

Something to look out for.  Basically, just avoid changing the instance names in your template unless you know your older files are "pointing" to that same new name.

Posted on Thu, Dec 02 2010 17:08
by mjkeys1
Joined on Sun, Mar 16 2008, Los Angeles, Posts 3

I have the same problems and I'm trying to figure out the best way to run VE Pro alongside my DP7.2.

I'm experimenting w the decoupling but it's a pain to reconnect every instance (7-10) every time I open a new session.  It would be nice to just open each new session and have all your sounds up and ready to go...

When I don't have decoupling selected, my Digital Performer crashes on saves about 1 out of 5 times.  Not acceptable.  Plus, the save times are so long it's a big inconvenience while writing.

I hope VE can clean up this mess soon.

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