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Posted on Wed, Jun 08 2011 19:21
by Ege
Joined on Sat, Jan 22 2005, Washington, DC, Posts 104

One of the advantages of VI Pro is that you can specify what MIDI data controls switching between instrument articulations, say staccato to legato.  The default when you load an instrument is a keyswitch that is out of instrument range coupled with another controller value.  If you use CC#s and values instead of a keyswitch, such as CC 2, 65, you determine the proper CC value from a small grid that replaces the keyswitches.  By selecting different articulations from a matrix you can see what CC value to use for the the CC# that you have chosen to control articulations.  These numbers are actually a range, because VSL divides 127 by the number of articulations in the horizontal (or vertical) matrix used to specify the articulations available.

Here is my suggestion: as with keyswitches, it would be preferable (I think) to have VSL simply specify a number to use within a given range.  This way, we only have to remember 12 numbers, instead of the number we happen to have chosen from the range available.  Especially when the range of horizontal articulations is limited -- say only 4 possible choices, the range of permissible numbers becomes quite large, and it is easy to forget which number one used previously in a composition to achieve the same articulation.  The selection of consistent CC#s and values takes on importance for the program Notation Switchblade, offered by Audio Impressions, which takes raw MIDI files and prepares them for use by Sibelius or the Finale notation program, but requires consistent MIDI data to determine the proper articulation to convey to Sibelius.  Similarly, one could more easily use the Sibelius program for compositional purposes, if only certain numbers could be used to trigger articulations (causing VSL to play the proper articulations).

This may be impractical for reasons I haven't considered, but it seems if a limited number of keyswitches would work, then a limited number of CC# values would work just as well and would be easier to remember and use.


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