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Pro Tools
Last post Tue, Sep 27 2011 by mckenziesound, 2 replies.
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Posted on Thu, Aug 11 2011 12:44
by The_Timinator
Joined on Sat, Dec 23 2006, Guildford UK, Posts 30

Hi Guys,

Forgive me if i have posted in the wrong place on the forum or if someone has asked this question before.

I know Pro Tools 9 is a DAW just like Cubase and Logic Pro. However, i don't know the following;

1) What's the difference between LE & HD?
2) Why is there HD1. HD2 & HD3? ...What is the point of them?
3) Is Pro Tools an essential to have in a professional composers studio?
4) Why do lots of people seem to think that It's the way forward for recording and for use in Film Scoring?
5) Is there a link between D-Comand & D-Control and Pro Tools HD? (Is D-Comand etc basically a mixing console and HD 1 2 & 3 a kind of card that powers the mixer or something?
6) Is Pro Tools worth using in a film/game compositional process chain?
7) What is Video Satellite? How does that link with Pro Tools HD & would a professional composer use it?
8) How well does Vienna Instruments PRO & Vienna Ensemble PRO behave with Pro Tools 9?

You may be thinking "Is this dude Stupid or something?" but i have never used Pro Tools. I grew up with Cubase and i use Logic Pro from time to time, but i am curious and wondering if i would benefit from Pro Tools?



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Cubase 6.5/Logic Pro 9/Ableton Live 8
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Posted on Tue, Sep 27 2011 20:41
by mckenziesound
Joined on Wed, Nov 03 2010, Posts 1
I have pro tools m-powered 8 and Logic, and personally, I like logic better from a workflow standpoint. As for your questions:
1. HD is the software plus a chip to process the audio. LE is just software (like any other daw) and the processing load is still on your computer's CPU.
2. I knew at some point but I've forgotten, sorry.
3. I think the most essential daw to have is the one that allows you to work quickly and doesn't get in your way
4. I'm not really sure of the more advanced benefits of pro tools for film scoring, such as in conjunction with one of their large boards, but for recording studio use, it's really because everyone uses it and so you want to have a project that will translate from one place to another, much like .doc files are the king of text files.
5. D-command and control are control surfaces for pro tools, and are probably much more deeply integrated with the program than any other control surface out there because that is what they were designed for. Unless you are a big studio and have the money to spend, these are totally unnecessary (I would love to have one, but I doubt I will ever be able to justify spending that much on them, even if I ever become a big time composer [what I'm aiming for]).
6. It's really up to you. I love logic, and I've heard that composers/arrangers tend to use logic over pro tools, and audio engineers/producers/music studios tend to use pro tools over any other daw. I really recommend logic to anyone composing music, but more so, I believe that you should find a daw that works for you and that you can move around quickly.
7. I don't know, sorry
8. I have only had limited time spent using VI with pro tools as I prefer Logic, but I didn't notice any problems in pro tools. Other than the difference in writing between logic and pro tools, it behaved the same.

My suggestion is to stick with cubase or logic.
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