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Logic and event plugins - works sporadically
Last post Sun, Dec 18 2011 by Karel, 2 replies.
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Posted on Sat, Dec 17 2011 21:17
by Martinz
Joined on Wed, Nov 26 2008, Stockholm, Posts 47

I am using one (non-multi-timbral) instance of VE Pro 5 in Logic 9.1.6 just to launch the server on this project. Then I have added new tracks with the event instrument instace and the bypassed I/O. I don't like the multi-timbral option and want to try using VE Pro without having to check that box. The reason is that I want to try to see if it works without multi-timbral instances so that I don't have to choose in the beginning if I want 1 or 16 tracks in my project - I can add single tracks later.

This works… sporadically?

Suddenly when I try to play my little song VE doesn't get any input or output. Just when I hit stop VE plays some of the last notes.

This can't be right.

I had one event track without I/O plugin and this was for a short time the only track that made all event plugins (including that one) work as expected if it was selected in Logic. If I selected any other track and tried to play the song everything got silent until I stopped.

Then I removed another I/O plugin on another event track and now it doesn't play at all.

When the song is stopped I can play with my master keyboard, IF I select the VE track and then one of the event tracks and get lucky (it has worked just a few tiems).

If I play and then stop the song, hear the last notes and then quickly play on my master keyboard with an event track selected, I can hear the notes I play fade out during 2 seconds, then I hear nothing but silence.

My I/O plugin does not have a 1-2 option to check (like in the demo video) - I only have a list of return channels from my sound card… does it matter?

Is it supposed to be like this, have I done something wrong or is this a bug? 


Alright… now I have read all the threads and it seems I'm not alone. 

Is it correct that Logic only can use 1 midi input (16 channels) per VE PRO instance?

Who is it in e.g. Cubase? Isn't it like that I can use 32 midi INPUTS x16 channels = 512 midi channels on one instance without the need of any event plugins?

If that's correct I'm gonna trash Logic and get Cubase.

Logic Pro X
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Posted on Sun, Dec 18 2011 00:55
by Karel
Joined on Mon, Jan 19 2009, Belgium, Posts 2173

I'm working on improving the situation in Logic for the next update, but it will always require somewhat annoying workarounds to get the Audio/Event Input plugins to work in Logic. VE Pro 5 works perfectly in Cubase/Nuendo without any need for workarounds.

Karel Bassez
Software Engineer
Vienna Symphonic Library
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