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Any chance of having extra slot control options?
Last post Thu, May 17 2012 by ijijn, 1 replies.
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Posted on Thu, May 17 2012 21:26
by ijijn
Joined on Fri, May 16 2008, Posts 14

Hi there,

I am really enjoying the evolving features of Vienna Instruments PRO 2. Thanks so much for the fantastic updates. Party!!!

There is one thing that would really improve my workflow, which would be the ability to assign (e.g.) CCs to traverse between slots of an instrument, much as the X and Y cells work: in other words, a kind of Z axis. In fact, there are so many different articulations available in VSL that I would probably enjoy U, V and W axes as well! Big Smile

Am I correct in thinking that the current implementation has two main slot options: slots as layers (with voicing control where appropriate) and crossfades between pairs of slots accord to the assigned CC?

The reason this would help me is that I have been programming a script for pre-recorded MIDI whereby CC values are produced based on the note length/overlap from last note/interval from last note. There are other features too, such as automatic velocity and expression curves where desired.

I currently have it set up so that keyswitches trigger different matrices. Using strings as an example: arco (including automated short notes, legato, portamento), pizzicato, tremolo etc. Then I assign length-controlled and overlap-controlled CCs to the X and Y. It would be great to have the option of using the interval-controlled CC (or velocity, length, etc. as per usual) in the slots, so it could automatically switch between performance trill and legato fast, for example, based on the intervals involved. i.e. more than the maximum trill interval triggers the legato fast, the trill patch plays in the trill zone, while the same note triggers note repetitions.

Do you think it would be possible to add this feature in a future version? I would be extremely grateful. Or can you think of a way to get this to work with the current feature set?

Many thanks,


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