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VEP4/Kontakt 5 multithreading/multiprocessing settings
Last post Wed, Nov 22 2017 by georgemacin, 3 replies.
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Posted on Fri, Oct 12 2012 02:41
by ddas
Joined on Thu, Jun 10 2010, Posts 24
I'm running VEP 4 (not server) 64-bit on a Windows 7 machine. It's a 4-core machine. Inside VEP are 5 instances of Kontakt 5.

What are the recommended settings both for VEP's multiprocessing and Kontakt 5's multithreading?

(VEP is running alone and there is no host in the picture; VEP's output is going to a sound card that is outputting to my sequencing computer. In other words -- what are the best settings for VEP running alone, with 5 instances of Kontakt?)
Posted on Fri, Oct 12 2012 07:21
by DG
Joined on Wed, May 12 2004, Posts 8608

Therefore I would say 1 or 2 threads per instance. As far as Kontakt multi-processing, the VSL advice has always been to switch it off, but I've always had better performance with it on, so take your pick.


Nuendo 6.03, 4.3
2 x Intel Xeon x5675 3.07GHz Hex Core
Windows 7 (x64)Pro
RME Multiface II
ATI HD5400 series graphics card
Posted on Wed, Nov 22 2017 05:18
by georgemacin
Joined on Wed, Nov 22 2017, Posts 1

Multiprocessing and Multithreading both adds performance to the system. The threading module uses threads, the multiprocessing module uses processes. The difference is that threads run in the same memory space, while processes have separate memory. This makes it a bit harder to share objects between processes with multiprocessing. Since threads use the same memory, precautions have to be taken or two threads will write to the same memory at the same time. The key advantage is isolation . A crashing process won't bring down other processes, whereas a crashing thread will probably wreak havoc with other threads. 

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