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Posted on Mon, Aug 05 2013 18:02
by Uncle Chimps
Joined on Tue, Jan 20 2009, Redondo Beach, CA, Posts 1
Hey there!

I've recently been setting up my home studio using VE Pro 5 and DP 8. As of now, I have one instance of VE Pro on my PC with a few Kontakt instances. I'm routing this to DP 8 on my MP. In DP, I have one VE Pro instance with several Event inputs assigned to access the Kontakt instances on the PC VE Pro. The thing is, right when I connect my MP VE Pro instance to the PC slave via the 64bit server mode, the audio processing in DP starts behaving extremely erratically, often spiking and clipping. I have toyed extensively with the buffer rate host multipliers in DP as well as the buffer rate on the VE Pro instance in DP. I have switched over to "all plug-ins in real time" in DP prefs and have also tried disabling plug in latency to see if that had any effect. In addition, I have tried just using VE Pro instances as opposed to Event inputs and the problems remains.

Alas, what I have discovered is that when the buffer is low in DP, I get dropped notes and a little distortion. When I try to mitigate this by increasing the buffer on the VE Pro instance in DP, it helps with the dropped/stuck notes, but there's steady low level distortion on the audio. Kinda confused....

Should I look into an audio PCI card to handle some of the CPU load in my MP? Would this even help? Seems like the issue is more in between the DP and VE Pro connection.

Any and all thoughts would be most appreciated! Thanks!!

My specs:

MBox Pro 2
MP early 2008 8 core with 8gb of RAM. OSx 10.8.4 on SSD
PC Slave with 32gb of RAM and 6 core (12 threads) i7. 3 ssds.
Posted on Wed, Sep 18 2013 21:10
by sgenevay
Joined on Fri, Oct 10 2008, Paris, Posts 10
Hi !
Did u solve your problem ?
Cause I'm fighting with the same issue.
I'm on Mac 8 core 2010, 32gb ram with pc 6 cores 24 gb Ram
And protools 11....
Let me know.
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