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Configuring Sibelius 6 and Vienna Ensemble Pro to work together
Last post Sun, Jun 08 2014 by andi, 3 replies.
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Posted on Sat, Jun 07 2014 21:46
by Wesito
Joined on Tue, May 20 2014, Posts 3

A couple weeks ago I purchased Vienna Ensemble Pro 5 in order to be able to continue to use Sibelius 6.2 on my Windows 7 machine while having the East West Quantum Leap Symphony Orchestra sounds available in my orchestral scores without Sibelius crashing or Windows blue screening due to memory issues. I have 8GB of RAM in my machine, and obviously Sibelius 6 is 32-bit. I do not wish to upgrade to Sib 7 because I don't like the new user interface.

I have been following all the instructions I can find relating to this setup, but I am still getting no sound from my score through VE Pro, although I get sounds within the VE Pro interface itself by clicking on the onscreen piano keys or by playing on my MIDI keyboard. Those sounds are combined instruments though, not an individual instrument. I have made the necessary activations of VE Pro in Sibelius, have manual sound sets established and the MIDI channels match. I have been starting the 64-bit VE Pro Server and then opening Sibelius, but obviously I am missing something. I do not understand how the routing works in this specific case, which may be my issue.

Mark Sealey posted what appears to be a very good set of instructions for setting up VE Pro with Sibelius 7. Before I try to decipher these instructions, I am wondering if there is anything specific to Sibelius 6, being a 32-bit program on the same machine, that would require me to do something differently. I have a score to present to the Music Director next Wednesday, and it would be really good if I could have a current mockup to be able to present along with it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. In the meantime, I'm still looking through instructions, maybe I'll have success....

Wes Dyring

Posted on Sun, Jun 08 2014 00:45
by Wesito
Joined on Tue, May 20 2014, Posts 3

I can report progress. I am finally getting sounds comping through in my Sibelius score through Vienna Ensemble Pro, although not all the sounds are correct. I started having more success when I started a new instance of VE Pro for each instrument family, which is how I have it set up in Sibelius. However, that may be part of the only partial success. I think I probably need to make some changes to the MIDI port or something. I don't understand how to do that, and the instructions I am finding don't seem clear. They don't appear to address my situation with Sibelius 6, as the references pertain to sequencers rather than notation programs.

If someone could advise me on what settings I need to change, then I may be in business.

Thanks for any help you could provide.


Posted on Sun, Jun 08 2014 13:36
by andi
Joined on Wed, Feb 18 2004, Vienna, Posts 3091

Hello Wes!

With help of Vienna Ensemble Pro Server (64-bit) you can use all of your available RAM, regardless if your host (Sibelius) is a 32-bit or a 64-bit program.

As Sibelius 6 isn't VST3-compatible, it can only address one MIDI port. However, with help of the Vienna Ensemble Pro Event Input, you can trigger instruments on additional MIDI ports. More information about the VE Pro Event Input can be found in the VE Pro manual.

If you want to use East West sounds in VE Pro, you will need a Sibelius sound set for their libraries. Probably you will get such a sound set and instructions on how to use it from the East West team or from the Sibelius team.

Best regards,

Andreas Olszewski
Vienna Symphonic Library
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