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Are 10gbe Network Cards useful, yet?
Last post Tue, Mar 07 2017 by OleJoergensen, 6 replies.
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Posted on Sun, Feb 15 2015 11:18
by fritzflotow
Joined on Mon, Apr 23 2007, Posts 320

I have recently seen that Vision DAW sample slaves ship with 10gbe cards as standard. On the VIcontrol forum there already have been discussions, wether this is the new way to go with giant slaves with 64gb of ram and more. Has anyone tested this, yet? I imagine having a dedicated Network card with 2 - 4 10gbe ports connected to the slaves and getting a great bandwidth with very low latency. Currently, I use madi cards for audio, because with my mac pro and 2 slaves setup I always had problems with VEpro, that could never be solved. Now, since I abandoned Apple for my studio, I would like to reconsider.

Now with 10gbe the bandwith is even greater than the 3 madi ports from a HDSPe Madi FX card! At a fraction of the cost.

What network cards would be recommendable for that purpose? Will a 10gbe card attached to older mobos give me the same bandwidth, as those integrated into the mobo of my latest slave (Asrock X99 extreme 6)? And why is 10gbe not a topic here on the VSL forums? It seems to be quite a milestone - at least in theory!

An alternative would be to use 1gbe with dedicated subnets for each slave, as someone has pointed out at VIcontrol ...

Posted on Fri, Mar 13 2015 12:00
by fritzflotow
Joined on Mon, Apr 23 2007, Posts 320

I didn't really expect such a high level of interest! ;-) after all it is just a way of increasing the data transfer (audio channels via VE pro) by the factor of 10 - in theory ...

I just found two cheap dual port 10 GBe PCIe NICs on ebay and will give it a try.

Posted on Fri, Oct 16 2015 21:15
by studio_26907
Joined on Thu, Mar 29 2007, Posts 5

Fritz, did you end up doing this? Curious to hear about 10gbe direct connections. Cards have come down in price enough now that it makes sense to do this.

Posted on Sat, Mar 12 2016 16:53
by OleJoergensen
Joined on Mon, Jul 04 2011, Posts 6

Did you test Ve- Pro over 10 Gbit lan?

Posted on Tue, Mar 07 2017 03:40
by fritzflotow
Joined on Mon, Apr 23 2007, Posts 320

Sorry, just saw these questions ... no, I ended up buying a 2009 Mac pro, which could be even trickier to find a 10GbE card for. Now, I use one of the Macs ethernet ports for one of the PC slaves and the other connected with the router to the other. This works great and increases the number of audio ports that can be used. I ended up selling those 10GbE cards, as I was not willing to spend the time to figure it out.

I am actually always trying to get back to hardware audio (madi), but sadly, the VEpro standalone application seems to miss al ot of the features, like opening and closing instances with tabs. That makes it hard to split the template in parts and load or unload them completely. SO, I am staying with the server version for the moment ...

Posted on Tue, Mar 07 2017 06:47
by OleJoergensen
Joined on Mon, Jul 04 2011, Posts 6
Thank you for explanaition.
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