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What is your preferred DAW?
Last post Mon, Jun 08 2015 by Sergino Futurino, 26 replies.
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Posted on Fri, Apr 24 2015 16:10
by dbudde
Joined on Sun, Mar 02 2003, Seattle,WA USA, Posts 444

For those interested in Logic Pro X, this set of tutorials is one of the best resources I've seen.



Posted on Fri, Apr 24 2015 21:32
by mschmitt
Joined on Mon, Jan 01 2007, Posts 140

How well dose Cubase handle multiple takes on a MIDI track compared to DP?



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Posted on Fri, Apr 24 2015 22:43
by Steve Steele
Joined on Sun, Dec 04 2011, Posts 85
Originally Posted by: mschmitt Go to Quoted Post
How well dose Cubase handle multiple takes on a MIDI track compared to DP?


And as an extension of that question, does Cubase allow tracks that are grouped together (midi or audio) to all switch takes together when one of the grouped tracks is switched to another take. And does Cubase give the option to always keep takes together? Can you suspend groups and hence takes? I'm curious too. DP takes the takes concept pretty far.
Posted on Sat, Apr 25 2015 00:10
by Cyril Blanc
Joined on Thu, Dec 19 2002, Paris France, Posts 2628

Cubase 8 on trial is out now

At the moment I do not have time to test Cubase 8

Has any Logic X user moved or tested it ?

What are your comments ?

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Posted on Tue, Apr 28 2015 21:12
by civilization 3
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Cubase handling of 'takes' pretty extensive, eg:



Recording MIDI in cycle mode

When you record MIDI in cycle mode, the result depends on which Cycle Record mode is selected on the Transport panel:

Cycle Record mode: Mix (MIDI)

For each completed lap, everything you record is added to what was previously recorded in the same part. This is use- ful for building up rhythm patterns, for example. Record a hi-hat part on the first lap, the bass drum part on the sec- ond lap etc.

Cycle Record mode: Overwrite (MIDI)

As soon as you play a MIDI note (or send any MIDI mes- sage), all MIDI you have recorded on previous laps is over- written from that point on in the part. An example:

  1. You start recording in an eight bar cycle.

  2. The first take was not good enough – you start directly

with a new take on the next cycle lap and overwrite the first take.

3. After recording the second take you let the recording roll on and listen, without playing anything.
You find that the take was good up until bar seven, for example.

4. On the next lap, you wait until bar seven and start playing.
This way you will overwrite the last two bars only.

5. Make sure you stop playing before the next lap begins – otherwise you will overwrite the entire take.

Cycle Record mode: Keep Last

Each completed lap replaces the previously recorded lap. Note the following:

The cycle lap must be completed – if you deactivate re- cording or press Stop before the cursor reaches the right locator, the previous take will be kept.

IfyoudonotplayorinputanyMIDIduringalap,nothing happens (the previous take will be kept).

81 Recording


Cycle Record mode: Stacked/Stacked 2 (No Mute)

Recording different types of MIDI messages

In this mode, the following happens:

  • Each recorded cycle lap is turned into a separate MIDI part.

  • The track is divided into “lanes”, one for each cycle lap.

  • Thepartsarestackedaboveeachother,eachonadifferent


  • All takes but the last one are muted (Stacked).

  • If Stacked 2 is selected, no muting takes place.

    This makes it easy to create a “perfect take” by combining the best parts from the different cycle laps. You can edit the parts in the Project window (by cutting, resizing and deleting) or you can use a MIDI editor as in the following example:

1. Unmute the muted takes by clicking the parts with the Mute tool.

2. Select all takes (parts) and open them in the Key Edi- tor for example.

3. Use the part list pop-up menu on the toolbar to select which part to edit.
See “Handling several parts” on page 339.

  1. Remove or edit notes as desired.

  2. When you are happy with the result, close the editor.

  3. To turn it all into a single MIDI part (containing your

“perfect take”), select all parts and select “Merge MIDI in Loop” from the MIDI menu.

7. In the dialog that appears, activate the Erase Destina- tion option and click OK.
The remaining events in the parts are merged together into a single part.

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Posted on Mon, Jun 08 2015 15:58
by Sergino Futurino
Joined on Thu, Dec 18 2003, Livorno, Posts 651

I used Lgoic on my MAC and Sonar on my PC.

Now I use studio one on both and I am very happy.

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