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User error or possible bug in VI Pro sequencer & iPad App?
Last post Mon, Jun 15 2015 by JT3_Jon, 1 replies.
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Posted on Mon, Jun 15 2015 02:18
by JT3_Jon
Joined on Fri, Jun 04 2004, Palmdale CA (1 hour north of LA), Posts 468

This might be user error, but I watched this video here: https://youtu.be/CuLg8z3sLXI?t=3m37s about using the iPad to control the sequencer for VI pro, and it shows the abilty to change the articulations for the sequencer directly from the iPad! WAY COOL!

So I loaded up the Appassionata matrix preset "VI-20 21 runs+phr key" and with the global setting of "enable cells on MIDI Activity" checked, played a note and the pSpF (performance spiccato fast attack) was loaded. COOL! I then wanted to hear what this might sound with the rLE cell (perfomance rep legato) as I want a smoother line, but nothing changed! Its still playing back the pSpF cell, even though the rLe cell is glowing on my ipad. I even tried selecting the notes inside the Sequence before selecting a new articulation and its still only playing back pSpF. If I instead of using the ipad select the cell from inside Vienna Instruments it works - so something seems to be wrong with the ipad app? 

I've tested this with other Violins Appassionata matrixes to the same results - artulcation switching doesn't seem to work. However, if I load the "App Strings Chord" matrix, articulation switching DOES work. This again leads me to think there is a possible bug as why would the "VI-20 21 runs+phr key" have all those different articulations if they were only designed to be used with the perf-spic patch? 

While I'm here, can someone tell me the difference between the runs+phr key vs runs+phr key Ext? It doesn't seem to be "extended articulations" as the cells are the exact same as the non EXT version. 

Thanks in advance for your help and reply!

Epic Prog rock music using VSL samples - http://www.aeonsatori.com

System specs: Mac Pro 5,1 3.33GHz 12 core 48GB RAM
OS 10.11.6 Cubase 8.5 Vienna Ensemble Pro 6.0.27022(64-bit)

PC: Core i7-2600 32GB Ram, Windows 8, Vienna Ensemble Pro 6.0.17011(64-bit)
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