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Crackle Using Audio Input from Pro Tools 11
Last post Fri, Oct 16 2015 by JamesPDX, 2 replies.
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Posted on Thu, May 21 2015 20:56
by jwccomp
Joined on Fri, Nov 11 2011, Los Angeles, CA USA, Posts 1

I've been running into consistent audio crackling problems using the audio input plugin to/from VEP and Pro Tools.

Here is my setup:

Mid 2012 Mac 12 Core with 64 G RAM running Yosemite 10.10.3, Pro Tools 11.3.1 HDX, VEP5 5.4.13741 (running DAW and server on this one computer). My session is 96k sample rate.

I have properly setup the audio input plug in - PT Aux with VEP plugin connected to an instance, PT audio channel with the audio input plugin assigned to 2 channels of said instance, VEP input channel set to the proper input and output, PT Aux set to the proper input for return from VEP.  Signal flow is good.

I've tried many variations of the Pro Tools Playback Engine settings, from 128 to 2048.  And I've tried many combinations of buffer sizes in the VEP plugin, from none to 4.  I've tried different settings of "ignore errors", dynamic plug-in processing and disk playback. I've tried 96k and 48k PT projects and I've tested using the VEP server on a standalone server. Although I've had totally arbritrary moments when audio is healthy, 95% of the time I have crackle.

One more clue:  When the PT session is stopped, and I have a 1k signal being generated, audio is healthy, UNTIL I hit play and the crackiling begins.

So, hoping someone out there has figured this out already. Thanks for your tips in advance. 

Posted on Fri, Oct 16 2015 20:31
by JamesPDX
Joined on Fri, May 01 2015, USA, Posts 50

Hello! Did you ever get this solved? I had the same thing going on with two networked mac minis. What I found was that the Playback Engine kept switching to Pro Tools Aggregate, instead of the Apogee Duet i/o. But even after that, and hours of monkeying around with templates, guides, and generaly unresponsive MIDI for my new VEP5, (Pro Tools 11.3.1 or Logic X) I've come to the conclusion that it just isn't worth it unless you have an intern to throw at it. VSL just works better as individual plugins, as inconvenient as that may seem.

FWIW, with a much older mac system conected via MIDI, OMS and Studio Vision would have been fine with VEP5 or just VE because OMS could handle sending discreet- MIDI channels data and would master or slave to and from MMC from Pro Tools.

Anyway, I hope you got your system running.

Static IP addresses and all,

James Long

James Long
PC & Mac: Windows 10 and Mojave
Pro Tools 2019.12
VEP 7.x
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