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VEP - CC Data Missing - Studio One
Last post Tue, Mar 06 2018 by Minko Kalsbeek, 2 replies.
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Posted on Fri, Apr 01 2016 20:40
Joined on Sat, Sep 18 2010, Posts 499

Dear VSL,


I initially marked this as solved, however that was only for the VST2 version of VEP, which I found other reasons why that won't work for me. So I'm still in a pickle.


The problem: In Studio One, when you select which CC lanes you want to use, it is automatically mapped based on the VST instrument. For Vienna Ensemble Pro, it's a list of insanity. In effect, it renders VEP very very difficult to work with unless you want to map a bunch of CC values times 1000 midi channels. Hopefully no one finds that to be an effective solution.

My request: Add a setting on the VST UI that gives a simple master list of CC values, rather than allowing the DAW to read everything from VEP. You could just add a generic list to the existing list, but this would force mapping each VEP instance separately for each midi channel and controller and still becomes a problem.


I suspect Presonus would point to VSL on this and VSL would point to them. But in the middle, I am stuck without options. IMO, this is up to both companies to work together to find common ground on. I would greatly appreciate any help here!




Posted on Tue, Mar 06 2018 18:07
by Minko Kalsbeek
Joined on Wed, Dec 28 2011, Posts 1
Hi Sean,
I had the problem that I could not get my breath controller working like I thought it should work. I did the following.
Disconnected all my input devices (in the software). Reconnected them as midi keyboards. Then I did not link them with controller link. 
Now the CC’s are being send to the selected midi channels and my template in VePro is happy again. (No need to reprogram 400 tracks :)).
When selecting a instrument track. Be sure to select all at the midi input.
Only thing I haven’t figured out yet is how to separate all the used CC automation on different tracks like you can do in Cubase.
Hope this helps you further. 
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