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Posted on Tue, Jun 21 2016 05:19
by Apothekerry
Joined on Fri, Jun 19 2015, Portland, OR, Posts 1

I've been thinking about upgrading my keyboard controller to one of the NI S-series keyboards.  Having the color-coding to display the shifts-by-instrument key-switching on all of my orchestral libraries is very appealing, but I usually work with those libraries in VEP (I use Pro Tools, fwiw).  

I have not been able to find out if the Komplete Kontrol features from the keyboards will work with instrumtns being hosted in VEP.  I've looked around.  A few people have asked this question, but no one seems to have any hands-on experiece they've shared.  

So, is anyone here running VEP and controlling their hosted Kontakt/KK instruments from an S-series keyboard?


Kerry Smith

Composer  http://apothekerry.com  Portland, OR

Posted on Tue, Jun 21 2016 10:03
by Cyril Blanc
Joined on Thu, Dec 19 2002, Paris France, Posts 2628


I use the KK from NI, the 88 key model ;)

It is not supported by VSL yet. VSL has to send information to the KK to light up the keys and to send the parameters names ; so only VSL can make it work

The best you can do is to post a kind demand to , more we are to ask for it, more there is chance we get it


Thanks VSL for reading this, one more KK user to use this great keyboard ;)


There was an update of the  KK software posted yesterday.

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Posted on Fri, Jul 21 2017 16:27
by Adia
Joined on Sat, Feb 06 2016, Posts 113
Hello, Any update on this subject? I want to buy native instruments kontrol s88 - Can I use it with. VEP, URGENT PLEASE
Posted on Fri, Jul 21 2017 18:10
by Paul
Joined on Sat, Aug 03 2002, Vienna, Posts 11311


No updates here, unfortunately. I also answered your urgent email to , sorry to have no better news. 


Paul Kopf
Product Manager - Vienna Symphonic Library
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