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VEP 6 Slave Crackles
Last post Fri, Sep 16 2016 by Matt Riley, 6 replies.
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Posted on Fri, Sep 09 2016 01:17
by sfball
Joined on Thu, Jul 04 2013, Posts 2

Hi all,

After upgrading to VEP 6, I tried opening a project created with Master and Slave VEP 5 Servers, which used to play back perfectly fine. The Master VEP 6 Server samples play back without issue, but the Slave VEP 6 Server samples crackle. Any idea why this might be happening?



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Posted on Mon, Sep 12 2016 17:23
by ledikster
Joined on Fri, Aug 10 2007, Posts 13

I'm having the same issue, though it is only on the PC slave. I don't run VE Pro on the DAW machine. I do also have two Mac slaves, and they work fine. The DAW machine is a PC running Cubase 8.5.x. For two years, the PC slave worked perfectly with VE Pro 5. Nothing about the hardware or OS had changed; just the upgrade to VE Pro 6. Now I am faced with rolling back to VE Pro 5, and am not happy about this. I have tried every troubleshooting path I can think of, both in VE Pro and Cubase.

Posted on Wed, Sep 14 2016 17:46
by stompinmsc
Joined on Fri, Sep 07 2007, Posts 2

I just added a new PC Slave to my rig and it appears that I too have the crackle issue? Anyone know how to fix this yet? VEPRO 6 Server on Windows.

Posted on Thu, Sep 15 2016 03:52
by rsuarez
Joined on Thu, Sep 15 2016, Posts 1

I am having a similar problem, and yet I could not solve it .. It has brought me many problems



Ricardo Suarez Caballero

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Posted on Thu, Sep 15 2016 19:27
by ledikster
Joined on Fri, Aug 10 2007, Posts 13

I posted earlier on this topic, and have since tried out the following:

For this project, I was only using the satellite PC (running VE Pro 6) for one instrument, an acoustic guitar from Cinematic Guitars (within Kontakt). I've used that PC for two years with zero problems. The guitar part crackled randomly every time I played back the sequence from Cubase.

If I record-enable the instrument track and play it live, it doesn't crackle, with the sequence running or stopped. 

I then switched the sample rate of the whole project from 48k to 44.1, and the cracking disappeared. If I switch back to 48k, the crackling shows up again, again only when I play back the recorded MIDI data from Cubase. If I play it live, it's fine.

Then, I installed Cimematic Guitars on the main DAW PC, loaded the same guitar instrument within Kontakt (no VE Pro), and the crackling showed up again. 

The way I got through the project was to render the guitar part as audio at 44.1k, then sample rate convert it to 48k, so that I could bring it into the original project. 

I still don't have a solution for this, and don't know where to point the problem; VE Pro 6, Kontakt, or the specific library. Because the also crackling occured within the DAW PC, it leads me to think it's not VE Pro 6, but I still think it was worth posting here.

Anyone have any ideas about this? Much appreciated.

Posted on Fri, Sep 16 2016 17:43
by Matt Riley
Joined on Wed, Jan 29 2014, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Posts 28

Having a similar problem here with bouncing in logic x.

Matt Riley
Master: 2013 iMac 27inch 3.5Ghz quad-core i7 32GB, Mavericks
Slave: 5820k 6-core at 4.4Ghz, 64GB, Windows 10 x64 Pro
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