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Synchron Strings I
Last post Tue, Oct 17 2017 by Sing4doe, 48 replies.
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Posted on Sun, Oct 15 2017 01:59
by nektarios
Joined on Tue, Nov 19 2013, New Jersey, United States, Posts 467

Wow, that is awesome! 


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Chamber Strings I+II (Full)
Appassionata Strings I+II (Full)
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Posted on Mon, Oct 16 2017 03:00
by yilalatavsl
Joined on Tue, Nov 03 2015, Posts 1

I have already bought it






SYNCHRON STRINGS I include all these instruments?




The sections of 1st violins (14), 2nd violins (10), violas (8), cellos (8), and double basses (6)

Posted on Mon, Oct 16 2017 09:43
by HSM1
Joined on Thu, Oct 25 2012, Frankfurt, Germany, Posts 20

Actually, I do use other libraries such as Berlin Strings and only reason I ever used anyone else was too much better legato script, short note attacks and huge detail sampled short/long articulations, etc. You didn't just take user feedback seriously.

Have you made decision yet on any usefull articulations as bellow ?

Legato Slurred, Expressive
Legato Agile
Legato Fingered
Ostinato Arpeggio Legato slow/fast

Spiccato Exposed
Staccato Bold
Martele FFF
Portato Short
Portato Long
Repetitions slow/fast
Blurred Spiccato
Blurred Staccato
Blurred Portato

Flageolet Sustain
Sustain Soft
Sustain Immediate
Sustain Accented
Sustain Expressive Dyn (Short expr.)
Sustain Expressive Dyn (Long expr.)

Sul Ponticello Leg
Sul Ponticello Tremolo
Sul Ponticello Tremolo Accented
Sul Ponticello Staccato
Sul Ponticello Sustain
Sul Tasto Legato
Sul Tasto Portato Short
Sul Tasto Portato Long
Sul Tasto Sustain Immediate
Sul Tasto Sustain Soft
Sul Tasto Tremolo


Dimension Strings, Hollywood Strings, LA Scoring Strings, Hollywood Brass, Symphonic Choirs, Symphonic Orchestra
Posted on Mon, Oct 16 2017 11:50
by fahl5
Joined on Fri, Feb 04 2005, Hall One, Posts 389

Hm, you know the Berlin Strings than so you will know that their 

  • section size is something between an a bit to small symphonic or a bit to large chamber ensemble
  • it comes without any real recorded con sordino samples at all.
  • and it has not more mic-posittions then the standard version of the SyStr. and
  • ithas just half of the amount of velocitylayers ( not to talk abot the large amount of Variants recorded for each articulationtype in SyStr.)

The Berlin Strings Articulationlist seems to be impressive on the first glance, but as far as I understood VSL SyStr. is nothing more than a Volme 1.

I am pretty sure that a Volume II will include not only an original sordino articulationset as we know it from VSL (I expect also the Sul Pont, Sul Tasto, Harmonics articulations we have got for all previous VSL stringlibraries).

But yes the different legatotypes seem to be not that different if you compare just the names. But again when it comes to recorded Variants and Vel.Layers the SyStr seem to provide that much more real recorded details of the stringsound that scripting must not so much alter synthetically the recorded Stringsound as it seem to me pretty audible the case for the Berlin Strings

However Lets wait what the audible reality of SyStr will be, since technical details and features are one side. Viennese Strings another

To be serious: Is there any greater resource of sample-based recordings of classical music out there?
Posted on Mon, Oct 16 2017 16:01
by mschmitt
Joined on Mon, Jan 01 2007, Posts 125

Originally Posted by: Tensivity Go to Quoted Post

  • What's in the standard versus the full library?  Am I really going to shell out another 350 clams for it without knowing what the contents are?  

From the product description

"The Standard Library and Full Library of Synchron Strings I both include the same articulations. The difference lies in the number of provided microphone positions"

SE 1+, SE 2+, Appassionata Strings I, Chamber Strings I, Bosendorfer Imperial, Vienna Suite, MIRx bundle
Posted on Tue, Oct 17 2017 10:49
by slicee
Joined on Wed, May 28 2008, Posts 2
Yes I agree. VSL is the best to work with. I own many libraries and I am short before, buying Synchron Strings. But please VSL Crew give us some more examples to hear!!! And one more question, is the new player included? Best regards Kalle Koerner
Mac 2x2.6GHz Six -Core Intel Xeon/40GB Ram/
RME Fireface 800/ ProTools10 / Logic Studio Studio One3
Posted on Tue, Oct 17 2017 17:32
by johnstaf
Joined on Thu, Apr 21 2011, Dublin, Posts 156

My initial impression was that this would be a great library to have, but I'm happy with Dimension Strings etc. However, with 8 dynamic layers this could be something really different. I feel this could be one of those libraries that fills a need that I didn't know I had, and that is exciting. The player seems like it could be a great timeseaver as well for quick mockups.

Cubase (Windows). Various VSL bits and pieces.

Posted on Tue, Oct 17 2017 18:55
by Sing4doe
Joined on Sat, Jun 18 2005, Posts 53

Any first reactions to Synchron Strings I? 

I have a lot of other VSL libraries along with MIR and the Synchron stage pack so I'm a little leary of jumping in without having more information about what this will do that what I already have won't. The new Synchron player appears to be a key element and we don't know when that will be available. 

Snything that simpliefies the process and makes it more intuitive is great but sure would be nice to hear what you think.


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