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Posted on Mon, Jan 08 2018 03:37
by Cyprael
Joined on Wed, Oct 04 2017, Posts 1


We've been attempting to install Vienna Instruments and Vienna Ensemble alongside the libraries and MIR Pro over the last few days with the intention of using the instruments for composition in Finale 2014.5. I downloaded and installed Instruments & Ensemble and MIR Pro, spent two days downloading and installing the instrument libraries, and set about attempting to figure out how to use those libraries in Finale. I tentatively assigned Steinburg->VST2 in "Manage VST & Plug-in Directories and fiddled with the audio banks, but no sound came out.

Thinking that I had to maybe directly 'activate' the libraries in ensemble itself, somehow (I realize this may come across as foolish/ignorant, but clear-cut instructions for the installation and implementation process have been incredibly elusive), I once again opened up Ensemble and noted that it had an update ready. Naturally, I assumed that updating it might prove, well, relevant, and started the update process... only to be forced to cancel it when it conflicted with other programs and refused to minimize/close so that I could resolve them. 

I cancelled the update, and now...well. If I try to open Vienna Ensemble it tells me that the following:nvlib64.dll; Qt5Gui.dll; Qt5Widgets.dll; and Qt5Network.dll - are missing and suggests that I reinstall the program. Now, I can't find an uninstaller in my files for VIenna Instruments/Ensemble, which leads me to my main question:

  • How can I safely uninstall Vienna Instruments & Ensemble without risk of, well, anything, and will there be any issues to expect with reinstallation? 

And, ah, any further advice on the installation process (and specifically wrangling VSL into working with Finale) would be so gratefully appreciated. It's been a frustrating and confusing process. All we want is to be able to use the VSL instruments in Finale, and the Ensemble software botching is quite worrying. 

Specs: OS: Windows 10 Home (Vers 1511, Build 10586.1176) 64-bit

Licenses: Vienna MIR Pro 24 / MIR Roompack 6 | Vienna Instruments & Vienna Ensemble, Software 6.0 Build 16777 | (Multiple Instrument Libraries)

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