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VEPro 6 freezing when connecting to Cubase
Last post Wed, Mar 27 2019 by calebcuzner, 4 replies.
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Posted on Tue, Mar 19 2019 16:04
by calebcuzner
Joined on Fri, Nov 23 2018, United States, Posts 3

I am running VEPro 6 and Cubase 10. I have a very large template of 17 VEPro instances that I run with Cubase. When I do not have any instruments enabled on VEPro and I connect my template with Cubase, everything runs fine. Everything also runs fine when I have a small amount of instruments enabled in VEPro and am connected with Cubase.

However, recently I was running a project with 7 VEPro instances activated and a large number of instruments enabled on them. All the instances were decoupled. Before connecting to Cubase, VEPro was running perfectly with no hicups. However, after connecting with Cubase, VEPro would freeze. My CPU was consistently at 50%, my RAM at 80%, and my disk at about 0%, so I thought there shouldn't be a problem. Cubase was also able to send MIDI to VEPro and get audio back with no pops, major latency, or any percievable problems. However, whenever I needed to go to VEPro to edit something, VEPro would be frozen and would not let me click on anything.

I was able to deal with this, except for one major problem. Whenever trying to save my Cubase project, Cubase would try to communicate with VEPro to save and was unable to do so. This resulted in Cubase freezing and me needing to force quit it. This was only a problem when trying to save. 

I have a Windows 10 PC with an Intel i7 Quad-core 4.0GHz processor and 32 GB of RAM, with three SSD's, one for the system, one for my projects, and one for sample libraries.

How do I get VEPro to stop freezing like this? I do not know why this is happening since my CPU usage and RAM were both at manageable levels with no CPU spikes or anything. When I disabled an instance and was then only using 6 VEPro instances, the problem would sometimes go away but it did not seem to be resulting from disabling any specific istrument or instance. Thank you.

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Posted on Wed, Mar 20 2019 08:21
by Paul
Joined on Sat, Aug 03 2002, Vienna, Posts 11251

Hi calebcuzner, 

Thanks for your mail!

Please create a process dump when Cubase and / or hangs and send those to us (), with a short link to this thread, hopefully we can tell what causes those hangs.

Does this also happen if you are working in coupled mode?

See the following image on how to create a minidump with process explorer:




Paul Kopf
Product Manager - Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Tue, Mar 26 2019 03:40
by calebcuzner
Joined on Fri, Nov 23 2018, United States, Posts 3

Thank you for the reply. The same issue occurs in coupled mode.

I have sent process dumps and a link to this thread to  as requested.

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Posted on Wed, Mar 27 2019 18:59
by calebcuzner
Joined on Fri, Nov 23 2018, United States, Posts 3

And now it is happening in another project that is only using 4 instances of VEPro. Within these instances, I have 11 instances of EastWest's PLAY and 1 instance of Kontakt. My CPU is at 30% and my RAM usage is at about 3 GB out of 32 GB used. Yet VEPro still keeps freezing when connected to Cubase.

Composer for games
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