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Posted on Sat, Aug 24 2019 00:22
by Seventh Sam
Joined on Sat, Dec 29 2018, Posts 174

Hey REAPER users!

Attached to this post are custom presets for all instruments in the SYN-zed Dimension Brass volumes I and II that are designed to work alongside a comprehensive articulation list I've created for Reaticulate.

If you are unfamiliar with Reaticulate, it is a custom script for REAPER that effectively hijacks the program change MIDI feature into a "macro keyswitch" feature, allowing you to assign individual program changes to up to 16 different MIDI outputs.  This allows Synchron Player, with its complex folder-tree system, to be effectively navigated with a single click, especially important with the incredibly deep but potentially unwieldy Dimension libraries.  Each articulation in the reabank list corresponds to as many keyswitches needed to trigger the player to point to a particular patch (or group of patches, as the case often is in dimension libraries).

For more info: http://reaticulate.com/

The following presets map all the keyswitches outside of the 88-key playable range and are designed for an "after-the-fact" workflow in which you play in or click in a line (presumably with something like a perf_legato patch) and then step-insert the desired articulation changes afterwards, molding the line to your liking.  It's not at all suited for live-playing, but let's be honest: you're not going to be live-playing stuff like this, now are you? :)

The articulation lists are divided into 4 banks:

  1. Regular, which works with Vol. I Trumpets, Horns, and Trombones
  2. Muted, which works with Vol. II Trumpets, Horns, Trombones
  3. Wagner, which works with the Wagner Tuba ensemble (duh)
  4. Low Brass, pretty self explanatory :)

This allows you to play/click in a line, set up the articulation changes you desire, and then switch between compatible instruments groups as you wish.  Let's say you want to switch the Trumpets and Horns.  Easy, just re-adjust the note's range (or not) - no re-doing keyswitches needed!  Thanks VSL, for your super-organized libraries!

If you also use SYN-ized Dimension Strings Vol. I-III, see this post for presets and bank files for those libraries.



- Sam

P.S. I now begin the lengthy project of doing this for the near-entirety of VSL's Brass, String, and Wind lines :)  I will post those when I am done in the relevant forum.

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ReaticulatePresetsSYNDimBrass.rar (565kb) downloaded 3 time(s).

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Posted on Sat, Aug 24 2019 04:47
by adminatron
Joined on Fri, Jun 10 2016, Posts 14

Awesome, ill check it out in a few weeks after I familiarize myself with the product/how i want it to work

Just an FYI with an older version of reaticulate I was able to get more than 16 midi channels, assuming jason hadn't taken the bus out, honestly can't remember the syntax he used forr that(I think it was a slash?). 

Requres either multiple tracks to accept the midi bus, or requires midi pass thru on a vsti and stacking instances. 

I.e. I had 2 kontakt instances on the same track with reaticulate, and the first instance was channels 1-16, 2nd instance was the same instrument with muted variations for bus 2 1-6. I'm not sure VSL needs it, since keyswitches are essentially mulplicative from what I can tell... i.e. 4 keys + 5 keys = 20 articulations, rather than 9. So it's not the most useful but could have a niche use. maybe stacking different VSTi on the same track for different articulations. I.e. play engine, synchron player, kontakt - each gets their own midi bus, so that you can send articulations to different vsti on the same track?

Posted on Sat, Aug 24 2019 06:11
by Seventh Sam
Joined on Sat, Dec 29 2018, Posts 174

TBH, what you're talking about is above and beyond what I use Reaticulate for.  I simply use it to trigger multiple keyswitches with one program change.  That's it.  It's capable of a hell of a lot more, but you don't really need it to do anything more with VSL's stuff.  So I'm afraid I'm out of my depth concerning what you're talking about here...

- Sam

Posted on Wed, Aug 28 2019 02:27
by Seventh Sam
Joined on Sat, Dec 29 2018, Posts 174
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