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Dorico 3 and VSL
Last post Thu, Nov 28 2019 by PaoloT, 24 replies.
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Posted on Tue, Oct 29 2019 02:44
by agitato
Joined on Mon, Jun 22 2015, Posts 350

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Anand Kumar
Posted on Wed, Nov 13 2019 21:20
by Marcabru
Joined on Fri, Sep 08 2017, Posts 11

Originally Posted by: lunar_28664 Go to Quoted Post

Actually Andi, the comment that the Cubase VSL Strings is not 100% compatible with Dorico seems rather flattering

I'm inclined to agree. Having worked out over the summer how to implement keyswitches in Finale, I had a bit of a head start working on the Dorico maps. First I looked at an import from the Cubase set, and found things like multiple instances of (say) legato referencing separate keyswitches. Rather than try to figure out why (also, there were combinations of terms that you can't* create or edit in Dorico) I set about making a set of my own.

Once you realize that, for Synchronized Special Edition, most sets are largely the same -- flute, oboe, clarinet, for instance -- it cuts down the time it takes. 

*Shouldn't say 'can't'. Should say 'I haven't found a way to'.

Posted on Thu, Nov 28 2019 11:23
by HeiPet
Joined on Wed, Mar 24 2010, Posts 26

Started to work with Dorico on day 1. Since Dorico 2 I switched nearly completely from Sibelius to Dorico. After working 15 years with Sibelius on a daily basis, I now start to forget how to work with Sibelius ...
At the moment I stopped using my VSL libraries, until it will be possible to use them in Dorico. I don't have the time, to create expression maps on my own. So this is a big +1.

Posted on Thu, Nov 28 2019 17:09
by PaoloT
Joined on Tue, Dec 27 2016, Posts 489

I've tried developing my own expression maps for my universal VI presets, and for the VSO-XP library.

It is relatively easy to adapt Cubase xmaps, or create new ones, for Dorico. The basic commands already work, but multiple techniques on the same position are not always recognized. So, for example, accent and staccato may not always be recognized. Also, sending a command to select the Strings instrument and then the violas+pad down the tree doesn't always work.

The problem is that the system doesn't seem to be still complete in Dorico. And maybe there is some adaptment required to VSL and the other manufacturers in view of the use with Dorico. Once they work together, they will be a powerful creative tool, in my view without comparison with the others.

I hope 

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