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VEPRO and Apple Silicon M1
Last post Mon, Jul 24 2023 by Davka, 267 replies.
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Posted on Tue, Mar 07 2023 00:58
by Michael Canavan
Joined on Sun, Jun 25 2017, Posts 40

Originally Posted by: rockdude9k Go to Quoted Post

So I think you make a valid point, that VSL wants to prioritize their VST instruments over VEP.  But I always thought that was kinda backward.  I've been working in film scoring for 15 years and have worked for several A-List composers and I've never been in a studio that had VSL VST's as their primary libraries.  Maybe a couple patches here and there, but never the whole template built around VSL instruments.  So despite their marketing, I've always thought VEP was their most popular product.  


So is their VST instrument market way more popular than VEP?  Is that why VEP has been deprioritized?


Genuinely curious.  For context I don't own a single VSL VST instrument.  


The reason I thought that and was right about them wanting to port at least newer libraries over like Synchron before VEP has more to do with simple pride, if none of their plug ins but VEP run natively then it looks bad when you as a user are using other companies libraries in VEP but not VSL's. With Synchron ported first then they can port VEP and have a lot of plug ins to offer natively. 

Posted on Tue, Mar 07 2023 01:06
by Michael Canavan
Joined on Sun, Jun 25 2017, Posts 40

  To be fair to VSL, they are not the only company with plug ins or DAWs not ported, Pro Tools native is still an open beta, and Reason Studios isn't even in beta. Then there's Air, PSP, NI, Audio Ease, Nomad Factory etc. 

You'll notice all these companies are more than 10 years old, technical debt piles up, NI admitted that some of their plug ins have 15 year old GUI code. Reaktor their oldest product is last in line for native support. Who knows if Air or  Nomad Factory will ever port? PSP have been going one plug in every couple months for a long time now. 

Posted on Tue, Mar 07 2023 19:56
by rockdude9k
Joined on Fri, Oct 05 2012, Posts 25

Okay, ya I get the pride thing.  I can see how they want to say VEP is native and here are all of our instruments that can run in VEP natively.


And at this point I wouldn't be surprised if it's VEP8 with new features and AS native.  If that's the case, it would certainly help explain why it's taken so long.


I'm just still frustrated that they didn't focus on the bridge plugin.  I've said it before and I'm saying it again, I just need the bridge plugin to run natively and then everything will be great.  VEP is a tool, it's meant to be a workflow solution and it feels like marketing has taken over and said, no no, we have to have new features and a new version and it all has to be released with our other products.  But from my point of view, I just want to use the tool that has become essential to my workflow.  I would have happily paid $20 (or more) for the bridge plugin to be updated and then they can take all the time they need to release VEP8.

Posted on Fri, Apr 07 2023 08:39
by denisspycher
Joined on Wed, Oct 13 2021, Zürich, Posts 1

I have to agree with rockdude9k. I am now at the stage where I have reworked my Cubase template and I need to delete all my non M1 compliant plugins. Whether Universal Audio, NI, iZotope etc..
There are important software, like your Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 that provides so many other instruments for me on different servers.
I wouldn't know how to organize all my instruments without Vienna Ensemble Pro 7. It would be similar to NI saying, they don't care about the Kontakt 7 plugin anymore.
So my please to you, make our most important tool (At least for me and all who have bigger templates) a higher priority in your development.

Posted on Thu, Jun 08 2023 20:40
by djb123
Joined on Mon, Jun 02 2014, Posts 1

VEP might actually be a dead-end product.  The ability to stream audio and MIDI between hosts and among machines on a LAN is possible with cheap or free tools now.  Not as robustly or comprehensively at the moment as VEP does it, but it's just a matter of time until there's a decent free workflow that replicates VEP functionality.  So where's the incentive for VSL to invest in a product that will not be able to attract new users?  It's a bummer, especially for those of us who have invested time into our templates and have an established workflow, but that's how I see it.  

Maybe we can get just one more update that makes the plugin AS Native?  Pretty please?  Bunch of people would buy it...

Posted on Fri, Jun 09 2023 19:17
by dragsquares
Joined on Sat, Aug 13 2005, Austin, TX, Posts 85
I don’t think that everyone who does this professionally wants a free solution that’s feature-poor and doesn’t have a company behind it with the resources to fix things. I like little developers but I don’t want my whole rig to be waiting on someone sitting at a computer in their basement who isn’t paid to support the app. The idea of endless free software is a dead-end one to me - hoping something works, building a rig around it, and then when the dev has to go work for a pharmaceutical company, having to change platforms entirely. But at least it was free, so I saved - what: $300US for two licenses? And lost days and days of work? That’s the definition of false economy.
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Posted on Mon, Jul 24 2023 03:56
by Davka
Joined on Fri, Aug 10 2018, Mongolia, Posts 27

Still checking every morning.... 

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