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Orchestrating with Horizon Series
Last post Sat, Mar 03 2007 by vanclair, 3 replies.
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Posted on Thu, Mar 01 2007 13:00
by vanclair
Joined on Tue, Feb 27 2007, Baton Rouge, La, Posts 38
I am running Logic 7.3 with Vienna Symphonic Library Horizon Series.
I’m using EXS to view Horizon. I have been going through Beat Kaufmann’s tutorial. I noticed in the tutorial, if I want to make a violin sound realistic I can apply the following performance samples:

VL_mV_sus, VL_stac-1, VL_stac-2, VL_mV_0,3s,
VL_mV_0,5s, VL_mV_sfz,, VL_mV_dim2_1,5s,
VL_oV_dim2_3s, VL_perf_leg_f, VL_perf_leg_porta_f

Do I set up all of the instruments in the Orchestra like this?

Does this mean that if I am orchestrating music for violin, viola, cello, and bass, my orchestration would include 40 samples to represent these 4 instruments?

Thanks Vanessa
Posted on Fri, Mar 02 2007 23:33
by Alex O
Joined on Mon, Jul 18 2005, Belgium, Posts 196
Hi Vanessa,

I guess the patches you need & use mainly depend upon the expressions needed for the particular piece you're working on. In some cases, you won't need as many, sometimes you'll need more.

It also depends how you work. Do you start from a written orchestration, or do you improvise and create in your sequencer?

In the first case, by reading your score you could make a list of every articulation needed. Let's say you're going to virtually perform a string quartet you wrote. Perhaps the Contrabass passage is very sober, and only requires 5 bars of tremolo, with a velocity crossfade, and another 10 bars with pizzicato. And perhaps a few bars of sustained vibrato. Okay, so you only need these three expressions for the Bass. While four the Violin you perhaps need all the articulations you have! It's very case-dependant.

In the latter case, you may want to have a "quick playset" for the violin,
containing the articulations you like and need most. And if a piece of music starts to sprout forth from your inspired playing, you can add more on a basis of need.

All these are just suggestions of course, it really is rather personal, I don't think there is such a thing as the perfect setup that suits everybody's needs.

What you perhaps misinterpreted is the fact that VL_mV_sus is not a sample, rather a patch (or "instrument") consisting out of many samples, often one for each note of the instrument's range. Moreover, there's usually several layers vertically, for the different velocities (p, mp, mf, f).

So an instrument, or patch (I don't use Logic, so I'm not sure if the naming is different in that format) can easily consist out of several hundreds of samples.

So in Beat's example, you would need 40 different articulations/patches/instruments, which encompasses thousands of samples!

Hope this was helpful,

Posted on Sat, Mar 03 2007 02:16
by vanclair
Joined on Tue, Feb 27 2007, Baton Rouge, La, Posts 38
Alex: Thank you so much for your response.

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