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Combining/Overlapping Sample Types à la Beat Kaufmann...
Last post Wed, Aug 29 2007 by Marzipan, 1 replies.
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Posted on Wed, Aug 29 2007 19:02
by Marzipan
Joined on Thu, Jun 02 2005, UK, Posts 14

Realised shortly after posting this that it was a dumb question... Sorry for wasting forum space, you can delete this post if you like!

I have a pretty basic question regarding combining sample types, in exactly the same way as Beat Kaufmann's original "VSL Long Notes (practice)" tutorial with the Bach "Air on a G-String". Sorry if this is a dumb question or has been covered before (if so please can I have the link to the topic?), but for some reason I have been unable to perform searches on the VSL forum recently. However I did a manual search through all the Gigastudio topics and couldn't see anywhere this is covered...
Best explain what I'm trying to do with a familiar example: if I do exactly the same thing Beat does for the 1st note in the 1st violins of the Air, i.e. start with "VI-14_mV_sus", then use a keyswitch on my stacked instrument to change to "VI-14_mv_cre3_6s" before the new note starts it seems to work fine (i.e. the "sus" sample carries on as desired, and the "cres" sample starts at the right time, overlapping with the "sus" sample). However the problem is that as soon as the "sus" note ends it also sends a "note off" message to the "cres" sample as well, so everything cuts off abruptly. Is there any way I can avoid the "cres" sample cutting off early so I don't have to continue the "sus" note through to the end of the "cres" note?? It appears to work fine in Beat's tutorial, but I don't know if he is assuming you would put the notes on different MIDI tracks/channels in the sequencer?
I have previously been working around this by using an extra MIDI channel in my sequencer for overlapping instruments, however I'm attempting to streamline my workflow a bit as I'm trying to work on bigger arrangements (and want to use as few MIDI tracks as possible). So it would be really neat if there are any tricks that allow me to combine samples on the same note/channel in the way described? Thanks for your help.

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