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Question for those using Cubase for sequencing
Last post Tue, Mar 20 2007 by david ender, 2 replies.
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Posted on Fri, Mar 16 2007 03:22
by Mahlon
Joined on Sun, Jan 08 2006, The decadent South, Posts 441
I thought I'd ask this question here as there are so many genres and uses for DAW software that I thought my question would be best understood here, among orchestral midi folks.

I currently use Sonar but am put off by the lack of some midi (or sometimes workflow) capabilities. I wanted to know if Cubase has these abilities that I miss.

1. When you open a tempo view in Cubase, is it opened in a window pane which is in sync with the piano roll view (or whatever window you do main note editing in in Cubase)? In Sonar, the Tempo view is completely independent from the piano roll view and the two are not syncronized, so you can't see the actual notes while you're drawing tempo curves, only measure a beat markings.

2. Say I have a master DAW and a slave computer with VI on the slave. I have a midi track in the DAW and want to record midi data with the audio streaming back from the slave so that I hear the streaming audio with all effects as I play in the line. In order to accomplish this in Sonar I have to have an audio track with it's monitor status set to "record" in order to hear the incoming audio while I record in the midi track. This produces an extra unwanted recording in the audio track which I have to delete later. How does Cubase handle this? Are you able to record a midi track, while monitoring an incoming signal without recording that signal to an audio track at the same time?

These are probably questions for those who have used both Sonar and Cubase. I believe there is no demo of Cubase; it's the only way I can think to find out.

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Posted on Tue, Mar 20 2007 10:13
by david ender
Joined on Fri, Feb 20 2004, Vienna/Austria, Posts 461
Hi Mahlon,

1) the tempo track in Cubase is in sync with the piano roll editor or rather your cursor position (can be switched on and off to follow); it just takes a bit of window fiddling to see your Midi data at the same time ...

2) I don't have a slave but often do live recordings so it should work the same - you can switch your tracks to "monitor" and "record" separately, and you can also switch automatic recording off and on. Of course, if you're using plugins you get some added latency, but if your computer's fast enough to compensate you still get an impression of how it will sound in the mixdown.

Kind regards,
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