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VI Instances/Core Audio Problems...
Last post Fri, Apr 27 2007 by Nick K-B, 1 replies.
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Posted on Fri, Apr 27 2007 11:17
by Nick K-B
Joined on Thu, Jul 22 2004, Oxford, UK, Posts 48
Hi all,

I've been away from the forum for a while and maybe the issue I'm about to raise has come up before, so apologies if I'm visiting trodden ground.

I'm running a Logic Pro 7.1.1 on a Dual G5 2.5 8G RAM. with a Digi 002 Rack. Here are some problems I'm finding:

1. I seem only to manage about 7/8 VIs before I run out of memory, at least according to the performance section of the window. If I have been using other applications and shut them down before I open Logic I find I have less memory available for samples and once I optimize an instrument particularly if it is the only instance of the instruments, the difference between what was used and is then optimised does not necessarily add up. I.E. if the clarinet used (say) 400Mb of RAM and my total available was 1500Mb then after optimization the number of samples used may only be 10, but the total available is 1700Mb. (These are not accurate figures but an example of how the problem is manifesting). However, if I start from a newly restarted machine there are less problems, but gradually the memory still falls and the sums don't add.

2. I am having problems with Core Audio Overloading. This one has really stumped me as it was my belief that my Digi 002 rack should be dealing with all my audio. It is not saying problem with synchronizing audio and midi (at least in general - that comes up occasionally). It's connected by Firewire 400 and only gets problematic when a large number of midi notes are triggered from a fully VI loaded piece, usually about 7/8 instruments with Ivory piano (sorry, but I got it before your Bosendorfer edition came out!) - if converted to audio I have far fewer problems, but less flexibility in writing/editing changes.

Can anyone offer any solutions?

I hope this is clear - it's quite complicated to explain and I'm not the most systems literate person on the planet - I have basic setup skills and after that hope it will work! Confused

Thank you in advance for any advice

MacbookPro 2012, 16G RAM, Mojave, Logic, & lots of external drives!

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